Saturday 5 October 2019

Punk Rock Holiday Adventure - Chapter 2, Day 12

Further exploring Kastel Stari

It was our last full day in Kastel Stari, tomorrow we'd be flying out of Split back home again. We decided to take it easy again today and just further explore the local area. 

First of all breakfast though, a ham and cheese omelette. We requested butter for the bread but there wasn't any, instead we drizzled balsamic vinegar over it, delicious!

After breakfast we went for a long walk, exploring some of the back streets and alleys.

Along the back streets we passed a few tiny shops including this one selling fresh fruit. They also sold pastries so I bought one for later.

Very tempted to have a go but something else was on my mind.

I just had to eat that pastry I'd just bought, a delicious apple and blackberry strudel.

Back in the town square a small market had opened.

My wife bought this cake which looked really tasty. It was actually really dry and boring though, don't you just hate a cake disappointment!

There are a number of these towers to be found along the Kastel coastline.

Further along the coast in the opposite direction we noticed this funfair, it didn't look particularly appealing!

There was no sign of life here but I wasn't really feeling it anyway! 

It was definitely time for a much needed beer before heading back to the hotel to start packing our cases.

On the way back we passed this derelict house which had no front door, just had to take a look inside.

A lovely see view from this room!

This place had definitely been abandoned a long ago and as it was so light inside it didn't feel at all spooky.

Here's Ella!!

We decided to have lunch before packing our cases and took in a few more sights on the way to Konoba Intrada, where we'd eaten on the first night.

Ella ordered  two of her favourite things, mushrooms and a tomato salad. I went for a mixed grill consisting of beef steak, pork, sausage, cevapi, chips, ajvar and salad.

Using some bread I wasted no time in recreating the cevapi I'd eaten in zagreb, delicious!

With cases packed and the dread of the holiday being almost over I cracked open a grapefruit Radler. Ella in the meantime had gone to the sketch by the waters edge.

When I went to join Ella she had made a new friend.

Such a friendly cat who followed decided to follow us along the harbour. There seemed to be quite a lot of cats in Kastel Stari, all really friendly too.

The sun was starting to set so we climbed onto the harbour wall to watch it.

Such a huge anchor!

We both loved Kastel Stari, a lovely place to relax for a few days and somewhere I'd highly recommend visiting if you get the chance. I wasn't so keen on Split though, perhaps I was just too tired to appreciate it.

A final wander around the streets before heading back to get a good nights sleep. Luckily Split Airport is only 4km away and there's a regular bus service from here so getting there in the morning didn't take much effort at all.

Punk Rock Holiday Adventure in 2020 will feature Venice, Slovenia, Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes and Dubrovnik

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