Monday 2 May 2016

The Rosebery - Norwich

94 Rosebery Road

Breakfast served
Saturday - 11am till 3pm


The Rosebery can be found in my favourite area of Norwich, NR3.

This was what had lured me here today.

Breakfast served till 3pm and at a great price too.

The Rosebery is very pleasing on the eye.

This large chunky table in the corner was the perfect spot for a breakfast inspection.

I was too busy taking photos and making mental notes of the breakfast situation to play games, for those with more free time on their hands though why not have a game of Jenga.

The breakfast menu was simple, choosing a drink was a much more complex affair though!

I decided to try a pint of Gathering Storm, dark and delicious at £4.50.

My wife chose my usual breakfast tipple, a coffee. It was served in a very elegant cup with a pair of sugar lumps on the side. My wife loved the coffee but thought the cup was a bit too small.

Cutlery and a serviette are brought to the table before the food arrives.

Sauces are offered after the food arrives, we requested ketchup and waited far too long for this small dollop to be brought over to us.

A selection of white and brown toast with real butter comes with the breakfast here.

A good sized breakfast for £6.95.

All the essential items were there on the plate.

The eggs tasted amazing, certainly not the prettiest eggs I've ever seen though.

Thick slices of quality bacon.

A slice of black pudding and a crispy hash brown.

The beans could have been hotter, the sauce was nice and thick though.

Tasty mushrooms and tomatoes, the sausages looked very promising.

A top quality pork banger, loved it!

My wife's vegetarian breakfast, she ordered it without eggs.

The spiced lentil & coriander rissoles and chickpea fritters were both stunning! 

My wife had suggested going for breakfast at The Rosebery for sometime now, we had popped in for a drink late last year and really liked the place. With a long bank holiday weekend ahead of us we decided to finally head along there for the Saturday breakfast club. We predicted it getting quite busy so arrived just gone 11am...

Upon entering - The Rosebery is pretty big inside with plenty of tables, high ceilings, wooden floors and a very stunning interior. In the centre is a large bar boasting a massive selection of beers, wines and spirits, they stock over 20 different gins! Menu's are already on the tables so decide where you want to sit and what you would like to eat. Place your order and pay at the bar, everything you need is brought over to the table. There are games available to play and copies of Outline magazine available if you fancy a read. The atmosphere was relaxing and the stunning environment was a real joy to spend time in.  8/10

Service - The staff here were really friendly and helpful, I was given some good advice on the available stouts on offer and thoroghly enjoyed my pint of Gathering Storm. With our order placed and paid for we sat back and enjoyed our drinks, before long some cutlery and serviette was brought over. The food took about 30 minutes to arrive from ordering which was fine, we did seem to wait longer than we wanted for the ketchup to arrive though. A tiny dollop was served in a small pot, my wife had to return to the bar to fetch some more halfway through eating her breakfast. I do think that sauces are much better already on the table and served in a bottle, no waiting around once the food arrives then. Despite the ketchup frustration the service was very good though, everyone seemed happy and as the place filled with customers the staff kept on top of things nicely. 7/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, black pudding, 2 eggs, 1 hash brown, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and a slice of toast served with butter. 9/10

Presentation - My first thoughts were too many beans and untidy looking eggs, beyond that though everything did look delicious. A nice big plate is used giving you plenty of space to manoeuvre the items and the toast is served on a side plate. I thought the vegetarian breakfast looked most impressive with it's neat arrangement of exclusive rissoles and fritters. I'd ordered the full English though which I will base my score on.  6/10

The food - The crucial moment of eating a full English breakfast for me is always centred around the quality of the sausage and here it didn't disappoint. An excellent pair of pork sausages are served here with superb flavour and texture, the best I'd eaten in a long time. The bacon was equally impressive, thick cut rashers with an exceptional taste. The black pudding was a fairly standard slice and the hash brown was large and crispy. What the eggs lacked in looks they made up for in flavour, one of the yolks had popped underneath but they were a pleasure to eat over the buttered toast. The tomatoes and mushrooms were both nicely cooked and very tasty. The beans had a thick sauce and there were plenty of them on the plate, they could have been a bit hotter though. I really enjoyed this breakfast, a good selection of items and the choice of meats was impressive. 8/10

Value for money - I was guessing before arriving here that the breakfast was going to cost around £9-£10. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed the cost of the Full English was just £6.95, a real bargain for such a complete breakfast served with quality meats. 9/10

Veggie option - Yes and a vegan option too. With so many places offering a weak vegetarian option it was really nice to see somewhere offering something really special. 2 vegetarian sausages, spiced lentil & coriander rissoles, chickpea fritters, hash brown, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and a slice of toast served with butter. £6.95.

Overall - Saturday Breakfast Club at The Rosebery is definitely worth visiting. You get to enjoy a great breakfast at an impressive price in a stunning environment. My wife kindly gave me a spiced lentil & coriander rissoles and chickpea fritters to try from her vegetarian breakfast, they were amazing! I would seriously consider having the vegetarian breakfast next time I was here. The eggs could have looked better and the ketchup served in tiny pots was a bit annoying but not enough to ruin an otherwise great breakfast experience. 8/10