Monday 9 April 2018

The Fry Up Inspector's guide to...

Food on Norwich Market

The selection of food available on Norwich Market has rapidly increased over recent years making it an excellent choice for somewhere to stop for a bite to eat. Here's my quick guide to what food is available on Norwich Market. I'll add places as I visit them so expect frequent updates.


Bun Box
Row A - Stall 23

Serving steamed Hirata Buns, Don buri rice bowls and other Japanese inspired street food.

Hoi sin duck bun

Chicken katsu bun

Chicken Katsu and pork buns

Chicken Katsu don box

Vegetable tempura don box 


Chinese Takeaway
Row D - Stalls 92 & 93

Large mixed box - 3 toppings with rice or noodles


Churros & Chorizo
Row A - Stall 20

Spanish street food and deli items
Churros with chocolate sauce (vegan) 


Coral Bay
Stall 84

Caribbean Takeaway

Jerk chicken with rice and coleslaw 

Cocina Mia
Row H - Stalls 152/153

Authentic Chilean food based on family recipes passed down through generations. 
Pastel De Choclo - Layers of spiced beef and chicken topped with pureed sweetcorn and basil. Served with side salad and spicy sauce.

Chicken and chorizo empanada with salad

Rows E & F - Stalls 116/119

Breakfasts, burgers, filled rolls, cakes and drinks.

Breakfast bap


Falafel and Friends
Stalls 40/41

Vegetarian/Vegan street food

Kimchidog - Homemade kimchi, falafel sausage, hummus, sriracha and tahini sauce in a toasted hot dog bun with a side of cajun potatoes.


George's Jacket Spuds
Row F - Stall 120

Jacket potatoes with a range of fillings.

Breakfast jacket potato


Stall 175

Homemade traditional and vegetarian lasagna
Classic beef lasagna
Lucy's Chips
Row C - Stalls 60/61

Traditional fish & chips and seasonal specialities

Burns week special - Battered haggis and chips

Christmas special - Battered mince pies, Christmas puddings and sprouts.


Ron's Fish & Chips
Row D - Stalls 94/95

Traditional fish and chips since 1953

Battered cod and chips


The Banger Stop
Row D - Stall 80

Homemade sausages served in a bun with a range of toppings

Chilli dog with cheese


The Cuppie Hut
Row A - Stall 19

Cakes, cookies and more

Oreo rocky road

Rainbow cookie


The Ice Cream Parlour
Stall 178

Whippy and local dairy ice cream

99 Whippy ice cream

Aldous lemon and lime ripple ice cream


  1. Pretty eclectic selection. That hoi sin duck bun looks very tasty.

  2. Who's fish and chips were Better?

    1. I’ve only tried fish and chips from Ron’s, they were excellent and so cheap. My favourite fish and chips are from nearby Grosvenor Chip Shop on the Lanes.

  3. If I remember rightly the Norwich market chips are still fired in beef dripping- this makes them pretty special. Also, is the seafood stall near what used to be the discount bookshop still going? That was a great place. James

    1. You can still get them fried in beef dripping but Lucy’s Chips also fry them in Vegetable oil to cater for vegetarians. The seafood stall is still there but the bookshop has now gone.

  4. Sure beats the hell out of the two-item burger/hot dog carts I remember from my youth in Liverpool and Birkenhead markets! Youth of today, young whippersnappers, don't know they're born, etc, etc. (segue into 'The Four Yorkshiremen')

  5. You need to try Tasty House opposite Orient Express (same owners) - the only place to get truly authentic SE Asian food in Norfolk (and I know, I've travelled SE asia extensively).

    1. I’ll definitely be trying Tasty House and Orient Express sometime over the coming months.

  6. Just to add the Tasty House owners aren't Thai, as some commentors on your FB seem to think. Expect Cambodian, Burmese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, and everything inbetween. Will probably still all be labelled Thai by stupid people though...

  7. At least the Steak Frites have been cooked!!