Friday 4 October 2019

Punk Rock Holiday Adventure - Chapter 2, Day 11

Taking it easy in Kastel Stari

Another glorious day in paradise as we walked a few meters from our room to the restaurant outside facing the sea for a spot of breakfast.

A simple but delicious breakfast today consisting of fresh bread, cheese and tomato.

And shortly after breakfast a strawberry and blue raspberry ice cream.

Our plan this morning was to spend some time in the water, the beach here gets busy quite quickly so getting here early had definitely paid off.

We considered hiring a pedalo with slide but decided not to in the end. Last time we'd hired one of these in Spain the novelty wore off really quickly.

This looked much more fun so we paid for an hour and swimmed over excitedly. I fucking hated it though, just trying to climb onto it was a complete nightmare and I cut my leg doing so. Ella definitely enjoyed it more than me, once I was on it there was no way I was getting off until it was time to swim back. I wandered around it for a bit resenting every inch of this inflatable beast. The kids seemed to love it though and didn't seem to have any real issues climbing back onto it!

I was much happier on dry land with an ice cold Ozujsko just watching the world go by.

As it turned out we spent hours here moving eventually onto cocktails and then back to beers. We bought so many the waiter ended up giving us a round on the house. Unlike the service we'd encountered in Split, here the locals were far more friendlier.

Feeling pretty drunk we went in search of food and Konoba Fara looked as good a place as any.

Ella ordered a mixed vegetarian meal, I forget what the centre piece was but a selection of grilled vegetables surrounded it.

I chose swordfish skewers, potato wedges and ajvar. Ajvar is made using red bell peppers and it tastes incredible, it can be used as a dip, a sauce or a spread. Although since getting back from Slovenia a friend gave me a jar and I ate it in one sitting straight out of the jar, it's that good I couldn't resist.

The night ended with a slightly drunken stagger back to our room stopping for mini doughnuts on the way.

Coming soon... Day 12 
Further exploring Kastel Stari

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  1. The swordfish skewers, potato wedges and ajvar look incredible, fish & chips!