Friday, 17 August 2018

High Sea at Grosvenor Fish Bar in Norwich

 28 Lower Goat Lane

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday
10.45am till 7.30pm (ish)

Grosvenor Fish Bar in Norwich have recently launched their latest creation, High Tea. Think high tea with that special Grosvenor twist, if like me you prefer savoury over sweet things then this you've gotta try! It's available as a sharing platter for 2 for £29 or for 1 person it costs £15. I went along to try it and I gotta say it's pure genius, this has got to be the best special they've created yet!

When it arrived I was pretty gobsmaked at how amazing it looked. This is the 2 person sharing platter which features 3 layers of  Grosvenor favourites, lets take a closer look.

On top are the clam sliders, a delicious homemade clam burger served in a bun with lettuce and coleslaw. As well as featuring on High Tea these are now also available as a larger version on a new special called Clamity Jane.

On the middle layer there's a generous stack of their amazing chips served with a selection of dips.  

Down below you can find cod goujons and battered whitebait served with lemon.

And around the other side there's battered tiger prawns, cod cheeks and squid. This really is the most exciting fish and chip experience I've ever known. Everything tasted so fresh and delicious in a perfect golden batter and the presentation on the layered stand is incredible.  Huge thanks to Christian, Duane and the Grosvenor team, I loved it!

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