Saturday, 16 December 2017

Four festive favourites in a fine city

Not only is Norwich home to some incredible Full English breakfasts, it also offers some pretty impressive Christmas food to keep you going whilst Christmas shopping. The best place to find them as always is at the local independent businesses, here's my four festive favourites to be found in our fine city.

If you head along to Grosvenor Fish Bar on Lower Goat Lane you can enjoy this Christmas dinner for £6. They've created something special by combining elements of Christmas dinner into a delicious chip shop lunch. It consists of a turkey butchers sausage, battered stuffing balls, chips, gravy and cranberry sauce. You may want to sit down in the warm to enjoy this but that's not a problem, there's seating available inside or if you prefer it can be delivered to The Birdcage across the road where you can enjoy it with a drink. You can enjoy this until Christmas from 11.00am till 7.00pm, they are closed on Sunday though.

North of the city on Plumsted Road is where you can find the multi award winning Archer's Butchers. It's well worth stopping by there to pick up a baguette from their hot deli counter, it serves from 8.00am till 2.30pm Tuesday to Saturday. This delicious festive baguette contains Turkey, bacon, stuffing and cranberry sauce. It costs £3.50 for a small baguette or £4.65 for a large one, best of all it's available all year round! Whilst your there be sure to check out their sausages, you really can't beat an Archers sausage and it can be added to the baguettes too.

If you're looking for a festive baguette fix in the city centre then keep walking past Subway and make your way to Urban Munch on Castle Meadow. Their festive baguette costs £5.95 and is crammed full of turkey, stuffing, sausages, onions, gravy and cranberry sauce. They're also offering Christmas roasts to take away too from Monday to Saturday, 8.00am till 3.00pm.

If you're feeling festive but have a sweet tooth then you should visit Lucy's Chip Stall on Norwich Market. Until Christmas they're offering battered mince pies for 60p and battered Christmas puddings for £1.20. Both are really delicious, served with brandy sauce and excellent value for money. Don't wonder which one to choose though just order them both! The stall is serving these from 10.00am till 4.00pm Monday to Saturday and from 11.00am till 3.00pm on Sunday.