Saturday 19 October 2013

Wiveton Hall Cafe - Norfolk

Wiveton Hall
NR25 7TE

Weekend cooked breakfast served
Saturday and Sunday - 9am till 10.30am


Wiveton Hall Cafe is just off the A149 coast road, North of Holt.

Next to the Cafe is the farm shop, this is only open during the summer months.

It was cold when we visited but I imagine in warmer weather sitting outside would be a good option, the views are amazing.

By the main door was further seating, this area was covered.

The interior of this spacious cafe was amazing.

Brightly painted traditional tables and chairs made up this stunning interior.

A large selection of delicious looking cakes were displayed on the counter.

Fresh flowers and sugar dispensers on each table.

This place gets busy so best to reserve a table, we were ok though as this table wasn't going to be needed for a few hours.

Cooked breakfast is available just at weekends.

A small americano coffee cost £1.80

The tea was served in a Wiveton Hall Cafe mug, nice touch!

This tomato ketchup was really nice and much needed with there being no beans on the breakfast.

The Full English Breakfast was rather small.

The sausage was excellent but the bacon seemed overcooked.

The tomato and mushrooms arrived warm.

Nice toast served with real butter.

Vegetarians can have the Full English minus the meat for £5.

My wife and I are busy saving for our trip to Japan next September and one easy way to save more money is going out less at weekends. Knowing we would wake up on Sunday morning with no hangover we decided to get up early and head to the coast. We had seen Wiveton Hall Cafe online and decided to head there for breakfast before visiting Wells. It was a wet and grey morning but a nice drive towards Holt, a few miles further we reached the A149 coast road where we saw a sign for Wiveton Hall. We drove up the small road leading to the cafe, pulled up outside and headed in..

Upon entering - Surrounded by excellent views the cafe and farm shop are both housed inside a converted barn. There are plenty of tables outside, some under a covered area which I can imagine in the warmer months would be a great place to sit and eat. On this cloudy and wet day we headed inside where it was nice and warm and was pleasantly surprised by the sheer size of the cafe and the incredible decor. Vibrant coloured traditional tables and chairs covered in even brighter table clothes sat nicely spaced on top of the bright blue and white flooring. The lower part of the wall surrounding the cafe was painted bright pink and above this was where artists work was being exhibited. There is full table service so take a seat and you will find a menu already on the table along with fresh flowers, cutlery, sugar, salt and pepper, sauces are available too and will arrive with the food. It was a lovely environment to spend time in with a great view and a relaxing feel. 9/10

Service - The staff here are very friendly and helpful, we had left our car headlights on and somebody soon came over to inform us of this. Our order was taken, a vegetarian option was negotiated and egg/toast options were given. The drinks arrived next and after a fairly long wait the food arrived. At the end we went up to the counter and when asked "was everything was ok" my wife mentioned lukewarm tomatoes and mushrooms. We were told that keeping them hot whilst the other items were cooking was a problem for them and we should have told them earlier. We didn't mention it earlier as we had waited so long for the food to arrive we couldn't bare to have it sent back only to wait even longer. Also I like to base my review on what arrives at the table, there are no second attempts on a fry up inspection! My suggestion for this problem would be simply to adjust cooking times so everything is ready at the same time. 7/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 2 rashers of bacon, 1 fried egg, mushrooms, half a tomato and a slice of buttered toast. 5/10

Presentation - This small breakfast was huddled together and nicely placed on the plate. 7/10

The food - The sausage was excellent quality with a really nice texture and taste, the bacon was also excellent but sadly overcooked and very tough. The fried egg looked to have a great yolk but as I cut in most of the yolk was overcoooked. The tomatoes and mushrooms were luke warm so possibly delicious when first served but this moment had passed making for a less enjoyable taste. The toast served with real butter was excellent. 5/10

Value for money - £7.50 for the full English breakfast seemed expensive considering how small it was. 4/10

Veggie option - Not a proper veggie option but the full English minus the meat for £5.

Overall - Lovely place and nice staff but for me the breakfast was too small, overpriced and not particularly enjoyable. Better timing on cooking the different items would improve the breakfast and a proper veggie option would make a nice addition to the menu. 6/10

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  1. While the Wiveton Breakfast is reasonable value at £8.95 (8/19) and the ingredients are of good quality, it's a pretty small meal. You get one sausage, half a tomato, one largish field mushroom, a soft poached egg and two small slices of bacon, served with one slice of toast. The small butter pat was ex-fridge so unspreadable. The Lavaza coffee is £2.50 for a small 'flat white' — again, good quality but lacking in quantity. Other local restaurants do a bigger but pricier breakfast, and a FEB option with, say, more toast and/or hash browns, another sausage, a whole tomato, baked beans, black pudding and a large coffee would be worth £13-15. The many recent-reg SUVs in the car park indicated a well-heeled clientele largely from the south-east who, I believe, would appreciate a Full English choice and would pay the extra.