Monday 7 October 2013

Ed's Easy Diner - Norwich

Level 1 
Dining Terrace

Breakfast served
Monday to Friday  10am - 11am
Saturday  9am - 11am
Sunday  10am - 11am

All day breakfast also available

Parking available at Chapelfield

Ed's Easy Diner is located in Chapelfield Mall's level 1 dining terrace.

Wait here and somebody will soon be along to show you to a table.

The breakfast menu is quite varied, for a closer look click here 

 You can choose a song on the jukebox for 20p and all of the money goes to charity, nice!

 The 50's diner interior is beautifully finished.

 Quality sauces and a classic sugar dispenser are found on each table.

Filter coffee with refills cost £2.10.

An all day breakfast can be found on the main menu.

 "The Full Ed's" breakfast was a good size and quite nice.

The eggs looked good but I prefer over easy.

 A decent sized hash brown and tasty tomatoes.

 The sausages are served split and the beans in a pot.

This is the vegetarian breakfast.

2 slices of toast and butter cost £1.95

I hadn't planned on a fry up inspection this weekend but after a hangover day at home the previous day me and my wife decided to get some fresh air and visit Ed's Easy Diner which had recently opened in Chapelfield...

Upon entering - A jolly looking cardboard lady greeted us by the entrance informing us to "please wait here to be seated", almost straight away a member of staff showed us to a table, a menu is brought over to the table and there is a full table service. The diner is huge with plenty of seating in the form of booths with red leatherette seating and nice aluminium edged matching red tables. Each table has salt, pepper, serviettes, a classic sugar dispenser and quality branded sauces. Also found on each table is a mini jukebox where for 20p you can select a 1950's rock n roll song, all the money raised from the jukeboxes goes to charity which is fantastic. We had our heads close to the jukebox waiting for the song to play but soon discovered it plays on the main speakers for all to hear. Ed's Easy Diner has been created beautifully and is a lovely and fun environment to dine in, eating breakfast to Bill Hayley's "Rock around the clock" is really something. If I have to be picky though the light above each table felt a bit too low and the fact it was in the middle of a shopping centre made it quite difficult to fully immerse yourself in the whole 1950's experience. 8/10

Service - Once shown to our table the menus arrived, next our order was taken and in reasonable time everything arrived at the table. We were twice asked if we would like coffee or tea refills which was great and when we asked if we could have a mix of white and brown toast this was not a problem. Service was with a smile, extra sauces were offered to us and somebody came back to ensure everything was ok. Once we had finished eating and was thinking about leaving the bill arrived at the perfect time. 9/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 slices of bacon, 2 fried eggs, 1 large hash brown, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and beans. Toast is available served with butter and preserves as an extra. 8/10

Presentation - The large oval plate was filled nicely with a colourful selection of breakfast items. The beans are served in a pot so you could pour them wherever you want on the plate. The split sausages were a new one on me and to be honest I prefer to see them fully intact. 7/10

The food - The sausages were ok but quite bland and fairly dry, the bacon was sliced very thin but tasted good. I have never had such a large hash brown as the this before but it was piping hot and delicious with a golden crunch. The eggs were sunnyside up resulting in a fine layer of uncooked egg white on top of the yolks, a popular way of being cooked for many but I prefer over easy. The tomatoes were deep red and tasted excellent, the beans served piping hot in a thick sauce and the hot buttered toast was delicious. The highlight for me though was the beautifully cooked and tasty mushrooms. 7/10

Value for money - The Full Ed's breakfast with a slice of buttered toast and coffee refills cost me £11. The large breakfast kept me going all day and the coffee refills makes it feel like your money has gone further. 7/10

Veggie option - Eddie the veggie - £6.95
2 veggie sausages, 2 eggs, hash brown, mushrooms, beans and tomatoes.

Overall - The breakfast is quite nice here but for me the environment and service at Ed's Easy Diner really shone through. I love visiting 1950's themed diners and this place has been fitted beautifully. The jukebox's on each table with a great playlist earning money for charity and the hot drink refills are a great idea. Be sure to give it a look, I know I must return again soon to try out the burger menu. 7.5/10



  1. Could you have asked for your eggs over easy?

    How flexible d'you think they are? If I asked for two hash browns and no veggie sausage, f'rinstance?

  2. I have discovered since my visit that I could have specified over easy eggs so it's worth mentioning. I am not certain about swapping items but the impression I get is they would be ok about it.

  3. Visted yesterday and had the all day option as we got there a little late, Love the surroundings. Really brings out your inner rockabilly! Loved the food, the service and would happily go again.

  4. tried this place and thought sausages really let it down . Will not be going back