Thursday 24 October 2013

Saint's Coffee Bar - Norwich

(Now closed)

23 St Johns Maddermarket

Breakfast served all day
Monday to Friday
8.30am till 3.30pm

9.00am till 4pm

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 Saints Coffee Bar is located on St John's Maddermarket in the city centre.

I was here to try Saints big breakfast.

The breakfast menu is displayed above the counter.

This beautifully presented Cappuccino tasted great.

Salt and pepper is already on the table, ketchup is available on request.

 This breakfast was excellent in so many ways and a real pleasure to eat.

A slice of toast and plenty of butter comes with the cooked breakfast.

I was going to London for the day but as my coach wasn't leaving until mid morning I decided a fry up inspection in Norwich before boarding the coach would be a good plan. My wife had informed me that Saints Coffee Bar on St Johns Maddermarket were now serving a cooked breakfast so on the way to the bus station I headed inside..

Upon entering - It is fairly small inside but nicely laid out with some tables at the front and the counter/kitchen at the rear. There is a large breakfast menu above the counter, place your order here and cutlery, drinks and food will be brought over to the table when it is ready. Each table has salt and pepper, ketchup is available upon request. There was music in the background at just the right volume and a selection of free local magazines to read by the door. I was more than happy to sit and look through Outline magazine whilst enjoying my cappuccino and waiting for my food to arrive. 8/10

Service - I placed my order at the counter and was given the option of three types of bread available for toast and asked if I would like fried or scrambled eggs. The person taking my order brought my cappuccino over which looked amazing with its chocolate sprinkled star on top. Shortly after that the food arrived with some cutlery, I requested some ketchup which was served in a pot containing just the right amount. Yep, this was good service by a friendly staff team who were doing a great job. 8/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 fried eggs, 2 hash browns, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, beans and a slice of toast & butter. 9/10

Presentation - Everything looked nicely cooked when it arrived and I got a pleasant surprise when I spotted a hidden sea of beans and more bacon underneath the fried eggs. The toast was served on a separate plate with plenty of butter. 8/10

The food - The sausages were good quality with a nice firm meaty texture, the bacon was cooked just right and both tasted excellent. The hash browns were golden crisp and the beans nice and stodgy. I was delighted to see tinned plum tomatoes and these were nicely intact still. The mushrooms were cooked to perfection tasting excellent and both eggs had nice runny yolks, these went nicely with the hot buttered toast. This was a really enjoyable breakfast that had been cooked with care and served piping hot. 9/10

Value for money - £5.99 for a breakfast this good is a real bargain! 9/10

Veggie option - No vegetarian breakfast listed on the menu but I imagine you could have the breakfast without the meat.

Overall - This breakfast really stood out with its good selection of nicely cooked items and the fact that it was served piping hot, thoroughly enjoyable! The staff are friendly and the prices are really reasonable too. A great little breakfast spot in the city centre that is definitely worth visiting. 8.5/10



  1. Looks like a great place! Will make sure to pay it a visit next time I am around!

  2. This looks completely delicious! I love the little star in the middle of the Cappucino!