Thursday, 15 August 2013

Boomtown Fair - Day 3

Having been out last night till 4am and hardly got any sleep we were both knackered today but decided to get up and eat something. I wasn't in the mood for cooking anything this morning so we went in search for an all day breakfast...

Cherry Picked Catering looked like the place to go for breakfast this morning.

 They seemed to have a fairly big kitchen set up and were offering a full English for £7.

Sauces, salt, pepper, sugar and wooden cutlery could be found here.

 First impressions were good and the wooden oval plate seemed quite solid.

The egg looked ok but the yolk was solid.

The fried bread was looking pretty good but it was soaked in way too much oil.

The tomato didn't look so good but tasted quite nice. The sausage was like the ones you got at school, the bacon was very fatty and the hash brown not bad.

The mushroom tasted great but was very oily, for a festival breakfast not too bad but making your own seemed like the best option 6/10

Having eaten our breakfast at around 2pm we decided to head back to the campsite and get some sleep. We surfaced again feeling much more awake at 6pm and headed towards Devil Kicks Dancehall to see The Brains, unfortunately problems with their double bass cut their set short after 20 minutes so we didn't get to see them. We decided to get something else to eat nearby and couldn't have made a worse choice than getting this really bland and dry chicken pesto panini from the Italian food stall. I gave up towards the end and my wife sooner than that put off by the fact the first one she was given contained a long black hair. Possibly the worse £5 ever spent! 1/10

 After our panini trauma we headed inside Devil Kicks Dancehall where it was getting really busy.

We watched The Creepshow from Canada, a really good stage show and the crowd loved them too.

My wife was quite up for the roller disco but I had forgot my roller skates.

 At the main stage in the town centre we watched Mad Caddies, excellent!

We spent some time at Arcadia and then remembered the Lords of lightning.

The Lords of lightning show was incredible!!

I have no idea how they produced lightning from their head!!

A bit more Arcadia then we headed back for some much needed sleep.

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