Thursday, 15 August 2013

Boomtown Fair - Day 2

We woke up quite early feeling a bit hungover from last night but considering how much we had drunk we were quite surprised how together we felt. There was only one thing that was going to kill the remaining hangover and that was breakfast...

With no proper fridge I had frozen the sausages before leaving and after a night in a cool box they were now perfect to cook. I had forgotten to bring cooking oil so used the oil that the sausages (jumbo tesco finest pork) released when they were cooking.

I put the beans on straight away on a low heat to acheive that stodgy texture that I prefer.

With so little oil left from cooking everything else I decided that flipping the eggs was going to be the best method.

So it was quite a basic breakfast but served with bread and butter it certainly did the trick.

Everything was piping hot and tasted great, I will award myself 7/10
For a more in depth look at my other previous campervan cooked breakfast look here.

Incase you were wondering the yolk was nice and runny inside!

 With everything washed up it was time to head back into Boomtown.

We were greeted by this giant pig as we wandered through Kidz Town.

It may look murky and grim but this apple juice from the bad apple bar is actually really nice at £3 a pint.

 The Lion's Den stage was looking more impessive than ever and was now outside.

We were so busy exploring the town last night that we hadn't actually made it inside Devil Kicks Dancehall, we would definitly be spending lots of time here tonight though!

As we wandered around Chinatown my thoughts turned to sweet and sour chicken, I just had to find some.

 I was tempted but my wife wasn't so keen so we left it for now.

Table tennis anyone?

Some parts of the town only came alive after dark.

Dancing had started at the boom box.

 Every corner you turned revealed different shop windows to look at.

It was perfect weather to hang your washing out.

Every town needs a butcher.

The butchers of boom had many choice cuts on offer.

 Inside the bars it was bright and colourful but bar prices were high, luckily we had brought plenty of our own drink with us.

The "Magic carpet" cost £10 for the whole weekend and took you from Downtown to Mayfair on a not so magicial conveyor belt. It was actually quicker to walk up the steep hill but we used the magic carpet everytime making it a worthwhile purchase.

 At Boomtown Fair you can pitch your tent pretty much anywhere, Im not sure I would have chosen to camp on this hill though!

Back in Mayfair we decided to try a mojito, it was served in a half pint glass with fresh mint, a slice of lime and way too much ice. It cost £7 and we were shocked to see still water used to top it up to the brim, it tasted quite nice but was a bit of a let down really 4/10

We headed back to the campervans to pick up some drink for this evening. Before leaving we had some delicious shots of chocolate mint sidekicks, thanks A&L!!

Things were livening up in The People's Frontroom.

The sweet and sour chicken I was thinking about earlier was still in my head so we decided to try some. It cost £7 and as me and my wife had been drinking for some time now we decided to share some so as not to feel too full up leaving room for more drink.

 The sweet and sour chicken was really nice with a perfect sauce but there was nowhere near enough chicken. Between us we counted about 4 pieces! 6/10

This year Last Gang In Town from Cambridge were running Devil Kicks Dancehall, they had been busy all week getting the venue ready and had made it look amazing. I had a really good feeling about Devil Kicks Dancehall this year, with Last Gang In Town at the helm I knew it was going to be the best yet!

Everywhere you looked you spotted something else, a lot of work had gone into preparing it.

First on were Graveyard Johnny's, a great set as always and so full of energy.

The sun was starting to set and we went to get some more supplies from the campervan.

As we left the campervan field the sky was turning pink and we were heading to the main stage to see Neville Staples.

 Neville Staples set was amazing with all the songs we were hoping for being played from Ghost Town to Monkey Man.

We headed back through Mayfair to Downtown to catch the Arcadia Spectacular.

The giant spider was lit up when we arrived and the music was slowly building up.

 Alien acrobats were spun around on huge metal claws above the crowd.

 As the music built up the lasers from the spiders eyes moved around the crowd below.

Then giant fireballs shot out into the air.

The lasers from the eyes got brighter, the music got faster and fireworks exploded.

 It was getting cold outside but not a problem if you were watching Arcadia! After the spectacular had finished the music from Arcadia went quite cheesy so we headed back to Devil Kicks Dancehall.

The next band we saw was The Peacocks from Switzerland, another great band and always really good live.

 Opposite Devil Kicks more flames were appearing from this giant dragon.

Demented Are Go came on stage at 1am and finished off the night in Devil Kicks perfectly.

Before heading back up towards Mayfair we noticed Arcadia was looking incredible!

We took a closer look but didn't stay very long as the music wasn't quite right so slowly headed back uptown looking inside some of the mini venues along the way.

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  1. A tip for a runny yoke in a fried egg.
    If you want a soft yoke and want to make sure the white is all cooked without flipping the egg. this requires a lid for the frypan, put a spoon full of water into the frypan and quickly put the lid back on the steam cooks any raw white around the yoke.