Friday 16 August 2013

Boomtown Fair - Day 4

We woke up on day 4 having slept much better so felt much more human again. This was the last day, the sun was shining, we had run out of vodka but had enough cider and energy to party one last time...

It may not have been an award winning breakfast but it tasted good and set us up nicely for the walk back into Boomtown.

We met this odd looking chap and his dog on the way in.

This caught our attention as we passed through Chinatown.

We decided to be healthy and got a strawberry and banana smoothie, it was really delicious and well worth £4 9/10

The Indian food stall served a good selection of currys and really good onion bhajis. I am not a huge fan of hot curries so played it safe with a korma, it was possibly the best thing I had eaten all weekend. I did however find quite a lot of tinned new potatoes when I dug deeper leaving me less impressed, the chicken, sauce and rice were great though 8/10

We arrived back in Downtown where we would spend the final night.

First we watched the excellent Random Hand, Devil Kicks Dancehall was really filling up and the atmosphere was incredible.

We watched the Arcadia Spectacular show one more time, it was mind blowingly good leaving me speechless. Why they followed it with the Jackson 5's blame it on the boogie though will always be a mystery, they couldn't have chosen a more inappropriate song!!

The jailhouse was swinging side to side with prisoners desperate to dance till dawn.

 Just when the atmosphere in Downtown was at its peak a massive firework display exploded above the festival taking it to a whole new level.

 In the distance the music at Arcadia was spot on and the spider was on top form, we watched breifly but needed to get to Devil Kicks Dancehall to see King Prawn.

Devil Kicks Dancehall couldn't have been busier and King Prawn played an excellent set which ended the festival perfectly.

It had been yet another truly amazing Boomtown Fair!!

The next morning we got up and left the site quite easily at 10am, this turned out to be a wise move as I later heard that people leaving later took up to 6 hours to get off site! We stopped at Winchester Services on the M3 for breakfast where it was easy to spot other Boomtowners looking slightly worse for wear!

This full English breakfast cost £8.49 but by the time we had queued up to pay and find a seat it was not particularly hot. I can't really remember too much about eating it so wont score it, I seem to remember there being no sauces available though which was quite strange?

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