Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fry Up Inspectors Spanish adventure - Day 2

Day 2 - Cocktails in Calella & dinner in Malgrat de Mar

As I gazzed over the balcony the next morning at the nice pavement below we started to piece together the journey back to the hotel last night. We could vaguely remember being slightly lost in the back streets of Pineda de Mar and getting a Snickers from the vending machine in the hotel lobby.

 We headed down to the breakfast room and to our delight discovered it had been fully refitted since our last visit. The new layout of the food meant it was much easier to get to and now there was a chef constantly cooking eggs and pancakes meaning the food wasn't sitting so long on the hot plates. The best improvement though was the outside seating terrace, so much more enjoyable than sitting inside!

The selection varied slightly each day and this morning went for mini hot dog sausages, a thin pork steak, bacon, 2 fried eggs, scrambled eggs, fresh tomato,a slice of pate and a slice of toast. All very nice except for the strange tasting pate which I left. I washed it down with some strawberry milk, orange juice and coffee. By the time we had left the breakfast room any hangover we had was almost completely gone!

The cat flowers were looking quite sleepy as we were but we decided to walk to Calella. We had pre-planned not going to the festival tent this evening as we were not fussed about the bands playing and wanted to feel on top form for Saturday night.

 On the main street outside the Friday market was set up. Every year we decide to give it a look but within minutes always end up making a hasty exit declaring it a hot claustrophobic nightmare as we did this morning!

 This was more like it! The beach walk to Calella.

 The walk takes about 30 minutes and the scenery along the way is stunning.

 Having looked around the shops we stopped in this square having seen a sign saying "Calella is strawberry land, the best strawberry mojitis in Calella"

The sign had a good point, these were the best strawberry mojitos in Calella! 

 This ice cream parlour had well over 50 different ice cream flavours to choose from. The Justin Bieber and Hello Kitty flavours made me very curious.

 The Justin Bieber ice cream had a distinct parma violet flavour and the Hello Kitty tasted of marshmallows. I really enjoyed this €2.80 treat 8/10. My wife resisted the urge instead waiting to find a shop selling a biscuit ice cream.

Once back in Pineda we headed straight to the beach.

The giant packet of roast chicken crisps made a nice beach snack for €1.45 7/10 and a bottle of ice cold coke washed them down nicely.

After a relaxing time on the beach we walked along the coast past Santa Susanna to Malgrat de Mar, A La Turka restaurant was were were were heading for dinner. It is a Turkish restaurant right on the beach serving excellent kebabs, mixed grills and pizza's. We were given a free shot on arrival and I gazed at the sauce selection whilst waiting for our chicken kebabs to arrive.

The chicken breast and vegetables on the skewer are seasoned and cooked beautifully served on a bed of chips. The fresh salad, hot pitta bread and mint sauce compliment it nicely making it well worth the €9.50 asking price 8/10

After a walk around Malgrat de Mar we headed back to the hotel as the sun was going down. We were glad to have avoided any seafood or unfamiliar meats so far and planned to continue this for the rest of our stay here. Last year on our honeymoon in Pineda we had eaten some rabbit that had not been fully cooked giving us food poisioning, this kept us out of action for 2 days and we were playing it safe this time!

Back at the hotel I downed a bottle of Cacaolat chocolate milk drink. Seriously delicious and less than €1 for a small bottle 9/10

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