Friday, 19 July 2013

Fry Up Inspectors Spanish adventure - Day 3

Day 3 - Cycling to Canet de Mar, ron rolls, pizza & back to the festival.

 This morning we were up for breakfast nice and early but all the outside tables were taken so we sat inside.

I was delighted to find that beans were available today and decided to try some cold meats and cheese with the cooked items. An enjoyable breakfast with an interesting mix of items chosen by me. The tiny chorizo sausages were nice but the blue cheese balls in bread crumbs were not such a good choice with their overpowering flavour. This morning we decided to make some rolls for later on, these have become known to us over the years as "ron rolls". You have to be quite sneaky when wrapping them up and popping them in your bag but we have always managed it without a problem so far, more on ron rolls in a bit..

 I decided to try some pancakes too this morning and squirted chocolate sauce and maple syrup over them. They were ok but having eaten those thick and light blueberry pancakes in New York quite recently I realised these were no where near as nice.

Just for good measure I finished off with a pain au chocolate and a glass of cava.

After breakfast I gazed over the balcony and spotted our friends Matt and Janine walking past. They were making an early start and we decided to make the most of the day too by hiring some bikes.

Before I forget I must mention these biscuits that are available at breakfast time, we always grab a few packets to eat later in the day. They are called "Maria" (this is the name on the packet, not a name I have given them) and they are quite plain like a rich tea, they may sound quite bland but are hugely morish! 7/10


With two bikes hired from Mikey Motos we set off on our journey, first we cycled through Calella..

Past Sant Pol de Mar..

Eventually ending up at Canet de Mar where we stopped for a much needed drink at a beach bar.

On the way back we stopped in a nice shady area in Calella to eat our ron rolls.

The key to a decent ron roll is letting all the the juices soak in to the bread.

This one contained cheese, salami, ham, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. It had gone quite warm and was really soggy, delicious! 10/10



Back in Pineda we returned the bikes and ate some really good pistachio ice cream, none of your Carte Dor nonsence this was proper stuff made on the premises of the Italian gelateria. 9/10


 We wanted to arrive at the venue tonight in time to see Hillbilly Moon Explosion so decided we would eat pizza in Calella first at Don Carlo's pizzeria.

Don Carlo's was quite empty when we first arrived leaving us feeling slightly concerned, we sat in the garden terrace at the back.

We ordered some Sangria, the first of many drinks tonight!

We didn't want to arrive at the festival tent feeling really full up so decided to share a pizza and some calamari. The calamari was really fresh and tasty with lemon juice squeezed over the top, we were feeling a tad nervous to be eating seafood having decided to avoid it this year but we needn't have worried. 8/10


 The "Don Carlo special" pizza was cooked in a stonebake oven from fresh and was a real pleasure to eat. The thin and crispy base was topped with mozzarella, artichokes, ham, prawns and anchovies 9/10

 We stopped off at a bar in Calella for an espresso to keep us feeling awake and a vodka and tonic to ensure we were getting more drunk.

 To continue the drunk/awake feeling we ordered a vodka red bull at another bar.

The sun was just going down as we approached the venue.

We wasted no time in buying some cocktail tickets.

We started with a mojito served in a generous pint glass, they must have run out of fresh mint tonight but it was still a pretty good cocktail and really refreshing.

It was hot inside the festival tent and getting really busy.

Hillbilly Moon Explosion were excellent and it was great to see them perform "My love for evermore" a song we had chosen for our wedding ceremony last year. See the song here

The outside area of the venue was a bit cooler and it was definitely time for another cocktail.

This time I went for a pina colada, a bit less refreshing than the mojito but equally as nice, the ice soon melted in the heat though!

We headed towards the front as Nekromantix were about to come onto the stage, giant beachballs were being thrown around the crowd and the anticipation was building.

I hadn't watched Nekromantix for a few years now and really enjoyed their enegetic and fast set, this was the first time I had seen them with their new drummer Lex.

As we stumbled back to the hotel we were laughing about how everytime we go away on holiday people seem obsessed with telling us about how hot it is back home. We was even told by somebody back home that London had reached 40c, err.. yeah right! Norwich was looking pretty good for this time of year but..

Pineda was looking better and 20c at 3.00am made us glad the hotel room was air conditioned!

  We had found an office chair on the street which I pushed my wife some of the way home on and eventually we were back at the hotel feeling quite drunk and unsure if we would make breakfast the next morning!

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