Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tesco - Breakfast sandwich

Tesco Breakfast sandwich - £1.30

On a recent trip to Tesco I spotted the new "breakfast" sandwich for £1.30, I decided to buy one to see if it tasted better than it looked. I had tried the "all day breakfast" sandwich which was fairly nice and the even better "Finest all day breakfast" sandwich so I wondered how this economy version would compare.

It was reasonably priced at just £1.30 but the ingredients were certainly well blended together.

 Egg, sausage, bacon and tomato were the flavours I was looking out for and when I focused on each flavour I could taste them all.

Probably quite a good sandwich if you wear false teeth or don't want an embarrassing tomato hanging from your mouth having bitten in to it! I rather enjoyed it and would happily buy one again, the price was great but it didn't look that nice with its minced up interior. An easy way to get that breakfast hit anytime of the day for £1.30 though! I will be taking a look at other breakfast sandwiches in the future to see how they compare. 

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  1. I had this today. It actually tasted of vomit. I don't think the flavours blended very well together. I think it was the tomatoey egg :( eurgh