Friday, 2 November 2012

Tesco - All day breakfast sandwich

Tesco all day breakfast sandwich - £1.80

Having tried Tesco's Breakfast sandwich I decided to see what a difference an extra 50p would make by buying the all day breakfast sandwich.

The items inside were much more easier to identify inside this one.

Sausage, bacon, egg mayonnaise and tomato ketchup were the featured filling.

There was a fairly generous amount of filling inside.

It was more difficult to identify the flavours but the egg mayonnaise and tomato ketchup did stand out. The texture was much better than the cheaper breakfast sandwich but the cold bacon and sausage slices had very little flavour. This one was certainly a bit more filling but I think I preferred the breakfast sandwich I had eaten the day before. 


  1. this sandwich looks delicious. i'm craving for it..
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  2. I am eating one as I type.
    While the flavour is reminiscent of a half-wet half-dry sponge, it does not leave you with that feeling of regret of having eaten a sponge.

  3. Currently eating the sausage bacon and egg triple from Tesco's. Very filling and full of flavour