Saturday, 31 December 2011

Highlights of 2011

In 2011 I visited nearly 50 establishments on my search for the perfect fry up experience. Most of these places were in Norwich but I also visited places in Brighton, London, Northampton, Cambridge and Madrid. Some places stick in my mind for various reasons, these places are...

Best looking Cafe - Regency Cafe, London
Established in 1946 Regency Cafe in Pimlico remains stunning with its Art Deco exterior and traditional interior, Read more about it here.

Best service - The Street Cafe, Norwich
I love this place and keep coming back, the waitress service here is spot on.
Read more about it here.

Biggest shock - National Hotel, London
Nothing could prepare me for the shock when this was placed before me, Gobsmacked!
Read more about it here.

Best Relaunch - Birchy's Diner, Norwich
Having been disappointed many years ago I reluctantly returned after they had relaunched and I was so impressed it became my 2nd favourite in Norwich. Read more about it here.

Best Improvements - Posh Nosh Internet Cafe, Norwich
I visited Posh Nosh Cafe not long after it had opened and they were well and truly on the right track to success. What really impressed me though was how shortly after my visit a few key additions had been made to the menu (Veggie option, Gut buster & fried bread.) Additions that I'm sure will prove very popular, read more about it here.

Best value for money - The Orange Tree, Norwich
If all this cost £4 then you would be getting a nice deal, but it also included orange juice and a hot drink, what a bargain! Read more about it here.

Best breakfast - Harty's Diner, Norwich
Many have come close but this is still the best breakfast I have ever eaten, well done Harty's! Read more about it here.

Happy New Year and thanks for looking!
The search continues... See you in 2012!!

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