Thursday, 29 December 2011

Guest Review by Simon Sadler

Cafe Kitale
St Nicholas Court
North Walsham

Guest Review by Simon Sadler, Bass guitarist in Norfolk punk band Hotwired

A new café has opened in North Walsham, right on my doorstep (I literary only have to cross the road to get there) so I thought I would go check it out...

The Café Kitale has taken over what used to be CST bar/grill in the precinct, they’ve made a few changes inside and it very spacious, clean and modern.

The staff are very friendly and helpful , it said to place your order at the counter but they came over and took our order at the table. The menu was a bit limited but we later found out the reason for this was that they are waiting for an extractor fan to be fitted so they can cook a wider choice of foods. On offer were All day breakfasts, a selection of hot/cold sandwiches, jacket potatoes deserts and various drinks.

There were various breakfasts to choose from and being a little greedy I chose the Jumbo Breakfast, with a coffee. The coffee was brought over within a couple of minutes after placing my order, somewhere around 10 minutes later my food arrived. Sauces and cutlery were brought over by the staff too, on my plate was three fat butchers sausages which were some of the best I've ever tasted, six thick cut rashes of bacon which was very nice but slightly too salty, two fried eggs with lovely runny yolks, baked beans, half a fried tomato, mushrooms and doorstep of fresh bread toasted.

The food on the whole was delicious and worth every penny at £6.50, my only disappointment was there was no hash browns . I would certainly recommend this café to anyone visiting North Walsham because in my opinion its by far the best breakfast I've tasted in the area. As soon as the extractor fan has been fitted I shall popping back to see the updated menu and update the review.

Overall score - 8/10


  1. great place for a coffee and chat , best bacon butties in north walsham

  2. I would like to contact Simon Sadler; I think we might be distant cousins.

  3. I have passed on your email address to Simon