Saturday 19 November 2011

Polo 24 hour Bar - London

176 Bishopsgate
(opposite Liverpool Street Station)

Open 24 hours

Polo Bar has been on Bishopsgate since 1959

Place your order at the counter as you walk in.

Grab a seat and the food is brought over.

Choose a set breakfast or build your own, I chose no 2.

Quality brand sauces are always a welcome sight.

Tea bag left in so you can decide how strong you want to go and a small plate for the tea bag, nice touch!

The plateful was quite a size and the layout was looking good.

The sausage barrier will keep any" beans touching egg" phobics happy.

It was my fourth visit to Brighton this year for dental implant treatment and this was the final appointment where I was leaving the clinic with some new teeth. After four months of wearing a temporary denture the first thing on my mind was to eat a meal with my new gnashers, no more worrying about that pesky denture popping out between mouthfuls! I left Brighton on the train and headed to Liverpool Street Station to catch the train back to Norwich, to my delight I had an hour before the train left. I spotted the Polo 24 hour bar that I had eaten in a few years back and seemed to remember them serving a decent fry up so in I went ...

Upon entering - There is a list of the set breakfasts on a board outside so you can decide what you want before you even walk through the door. Once inside there is a long counter to your right where you place your order and pay, beside the counter to the left and at the rear of the cafe are places to sit, each table has a menu and condiment stack. Although quite small inside it is a great place to sit and eat, drink or read the paper, it has quite a traditional feel to it and there are many things on the walls to look at whilst you wait for your food to arrive. 8/10

Service - The friendly chap at the counter took my order, cooked it and brought it over with the cutlery. I liked the way the tea was served with the tea bag still in so you decide how strong you want it and a small plate is provided to plop the tea bag onto afterwards. 8/10

Contents - 1 large sausage, 2 bacon, fried egg, black pudding, 2 halves of tomato, mushrooms, beans and thick buttered toast. 8/10

Presentation - It arrived nicely presented on a large plate with the toast on the side and looked great. 8/10

The food - The sausage was decent quality, and slightly herby, the bacon was nicely cooked on the griddle and full of flavour. A nice end wedge of black pudding accompanied the fantastic fried egg and juicy portion of beans. The mushrooms were small and looked possibly tinned at first glance but upon tasting them I realised they may not have been as they were delicious. The tomato was full of flavour and it made a change to be served chunky slices of toast and butter. 8/10

Value for money - The big brekkie (no 2 on the menu) cost me £7.05 which I was more than happy to pay considering I was in the city of London, there was a good amount on the plate and not an economy sausage in sight. 8/10

Veggie option - Yes, £4.65 will get you - veggie sausage, scrambled eggs, beans, tomato and toast & butter. Or if you prefer you can build your own.

Overall - I was impressed and the unique thing about this place is you can eat a fry up here anytime of the day or night! Good service and food at a reasonable price makes this place well worth a visit. 8/10

- Update, July 2015 -

 On a day trip to London I decided to stop by here again and was delighted with another delicious breakfast presented beautifully!

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  1. I love Polo bar!!! The bourbon milkshake is a goer, as is the bacon sandwich. Mmmmm. Have eaten here after many a night out.

    If you want a tip on a decent Full English, when I used to live in Hackney Central I used to always head to Mess Cafe on Amhurst Road for their £3.90 full english (it comes with a tea or coffee too, bargain!). It's basic - pretty much a greasy spoon really so you won't find fancy herbs or trimmings, but it's done really well if you want a cheap delicious feed :) they are old-school and aren't on social media but here's someone else's review too