Monday 28 November 2011

LiteBite Sandwich Bar - Norwich

(Now Closed)

6 Earlham Road shopping centre

01603 456200

Opening times
Monday - Friday
8am till 4.30pm

8am till 2.30pm

8.30am till 2.30pm

Litebite sandwich bar can be found in Earlham Road shopping centre.

The counter had many tasty treats on offer but it was the fry up I was here to try.

There are plenty of seats inside or if you prefer there are seats outside too, perfect if the weather is good or you fancy a cigarette with your coffee.

The large menu behind the counter will help you decide, breakfasts are listed on the left side of the menu.

Quality brand sauces can be found on each table and reggae reggae sauce is available too if you fancy it on your fry up!

A decent mug of tea with tea bag left in so you can go as strong as you want.

Thick slices of buttered toast came with the hunger buster breakfast.

The hunger buster was well worth the £5.50 I paid for it, excellent ingredients are used and it is cooked really nicely!

Just when I thought I was running out of places I hadn't been in Norwich to go for a fry up Litebite sandwich bar leave me a post on my facebook page saying "up for the challenge !!!!!!" Litebite had certainly slipped under my fry up inspection radar, this was possibly due to the fact I don't really ever end up on Earlham Road much anymore. A quick look on google maps revealed that Litebite sandwich bar was in Earlham Road shopping centre, a place I used to visit on a regular basis when I lived in the golden triangle. I purposely waited a few weeks to visit so as not to arouse suspicion, that said though I felt sure the owner was on to me as soon as I walked through the door! Hmm.. maybe I was just feeling a bit paranoid, either way I told the owner I would spread the word so here goes...

Upon entering - There is a long counter to your right as you walk in with a menu behind it so make your choice here and place your order at the counter. Towards the rear is the open plan kitchen area which looks out onto the cafe, this is great as you can see your food being cooked whilst you wait. There are quite a few tables inside and even more outside, each one with a good selection of quality sauces and even a small plant. I thought it was a nice environment to sit in, light, modern and airy. 8/10

Service - The chap serving me was really friendly and chatty even writing down the opening times for me. We discussed many aspects of a fry up from quality of sausages to which bread is best toasted. He went on to tell me how there shouldn't be a time limit on when you can get one which I quite agree with, for this reason he offers them the entire time the cafe is open for, good move! After placing my order I could see my food being cooked in the background, it was bought over as soon as it was ready. A bottle of reggae reggae sauce was also bought over too incase I wanted some. 9/10

Contents - The hunger buster consisted of.. 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 3 hash browns, mushrooms, beans and toast & butter. 7/10

Presentation - To the south of the plate was where the huge double fried egg lay with sausages surrounding it one side and a mountain of hash browns to the other. A colourful mix of bacon mushrooms and beans resided to the north side of the plate. Everything looked delicious and I couldn't wait to tuck in. The stack of thick cut hot buttered toast was looking good too! 8/10

The food - The sausages and bacon were good quality from the butchers and really tasty. The double free range fried egg was cooked really nicely as were the juicy mushrooms. Crunchy hash browns, nice hot beans and finally the thick cut delicious toast and butter. 9/10

Value for money - The hunger buster which came with toast cost just £5.50, a bargain when you consider butchers meat and free range eggs are used. 8/10

Veggie option - Yes, veggie breakfast - £4.50
Read Harry's guest review on the vegetarian breakfast here.

Overall - Between Unthank Road and Heigham Street there has always been a lack of places serving a quality fry up, until now that is. With great service, nice premises and quality food at a good price Litebite is well worth a visit. There was so much on my plate I couldn't finish it which is very rare for me so rest assured you won't leave hungry. A nice addition to the breakfast would have been tomatoes or fried bread but that said the fact that they serve such quality items on the breakfast is a real bonus in itself, nice one Litebite, delicious fry up! 8/10


  1. Family friendly as well- my children love the free (yes free!) Bambichinos! (milk froth with choclate topping) nice touch! ANd the chap Chris is really friendly- chatty and welcoming!

  2. I thought the fry up was well to greasy! Not nice :( wouldn't go again

  3. Great veggie breakfast- veggie saussages- how many fry ups think of that. And as for grease- not sure what happened to your fry up- he cooked everything on a griddle- not a splash of oil! You sure you went to the right place????????????

  4. All good in my book. Good atmosphere, friendly service and great fry up.

  5. Keep meaning to try him - was going to on Saturday and he was shut for the week! Bah.

    Might get up early tomorrow and sneak in a mid-week veggie one.

  6. Meh, he wasn't there at 08:10. So now hungry! Will try another day.

  7. Sorry Harry- had to have a week off to recharge my batteries. Now fully refreshed and ready to feed you! Closed Sundays until the summer time- looking forward to seeing you!

  8. Cheers, Chris - on my way!

  9. Got there yesterday morning - it was fab. Great food, good conversation (if required), and a choice of newspapers which you don't need protective gloves to read ;) Thoroughly recommended!

    I took a pic of the veggie breakfast - d'you want me to upload it (with a para of text) somewhere?

  10. a truly great fry up can be had in the cafe/organic food shop a couple of shops along from where litebite used to be, the ingredients are all of great quality and it makes its own ketchup and hp sauce. Thoroughly recommended