Monday 14 November 2011

The Mulberry - Norwich

111 Unthank Road

Breakfast served 7 days a week
9am - 11.30am

What used to be The Rose Valley on Unthank Road is now The Mulberry.

The breakfast menu is kept simple and everything I saw being served looked really delicious. Click here for the breakfast menu.

Inside it is pretty and kitsch.

It's a really lovely place to sit and spend time in.

It felt like being at a tea party.

Very civilised indeed!

The ketchup was served in a jar.

An up-market fry up served with beans made me very happy.

Everything was stacked and delicious treats lurked underneath.

Back in the early 90's myself and many other friends lived in bedsits along Unthank Road in Norwich, none of us had much money back then so a night in with a bottle of cider used to be a common occurrence. Back then the thought of buying a pint in a pub seemed insane when you could buy a 4 pint bottle of Barnstormer cider from La Chateau for less money. Happy days and good times were had in those bedsit days when it was all about getting drunk whenever you could, nicking crisps from the 24 hour garage and having band practices every week in your tiny bedsit. Time passes by and things change, Unthank Road looks a lot different these days and one of the pubs (The Rose Valley) that was close to my old bedsit has changed too, it is now The Mulberry and upon hearing they serve a decent breakfast I wasted no time in popping along to try it out...

Upon entering - The Mulberry is looking a lot different to last time I had been in when it was The Rose Valley. The first thing you notice is how light it is with it's white walls, floors, bar, tables etc, this is a nice touch as it makes it feel very big and open. Random lampshades hang from the ceiling along with kitsch bunting, wine glasses and bottles contain a fresh flower on each table. Many things from the cups and saucers to the tables and chairs are mismatched and this adds to the feel of the place no end. There is a good selection of places to sit, many by the window that looks onto Unthank Road. Grab a table and somebody will soon be along to take your order, everything you need will be bought over to you so sit back, order a pot of tea and feel like you are at a very civilised tea party whilst you wait for the food to arrive. This place is a delightful place to be in and so different to anywhere else I have visited so far, I liked it a lot! 9/10

Service - The staff here are very friendly, efficient and you can tell they enjoy their job as they serve you with a smile. A menu is bought to your table, your order is taken and the drinks, cutlery and food eventually arrive. Once the food has arrived you will be asked which condiments and sauces you would like. 9/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 fried eggs, 1 large mushroom, half a grilled tomato, beans and toast & butter. 8/10

Presentation - It was stacked high in the middle of the plate and the fried eggs although beautifully cooked did cover what was lurking underneath. I do prefer the traditional "spread out" layout of a fry up but that said the stack suited this one and I loved revealing what was underneath those eggs. 8/10

The food - A really good quality and tasty herby sausage accompanied the juicy thick bacon. A pair of almost perfect fried eggs sat on top of a very tasty tomato and delicious mushroom. Thick juicy beans smothered the hot buttered toast. A real pleasure to eat! 9/10

Value for money - £6.50 was all it cost and when you consider quality of food used and location that is a really reasonable price. 8/10

Veggie option - Yes, £5.25 will get you 2 fried eggs, mushroom, tomatoes, beans, potato rosti and toast & butter.

Overall - Of all the upmarket places I have tried this one is my favourite so far. The amazing food is served at a great price by friendly staff in an environment that is a pleasure to sit in and makes you want to come back again. Well worth a visit, well done The Mulberry! 8.5/10


  1. OMG! I lived there in the 90s and remember both the Rose Valley and the Shell Garage well!

    I will definitely pop by here next time I am in Norwich, the food looks great and it's a short stroll to all my other old haunts (ie other pubs).

  2. Thank you for this review - I went there today with my wife and it was delicious! The bacon griddled, a quality sausage and a huge mushroom all accompanied by the usual tomato, eggs and beans. Shame there was nothing special about the orange juice though.

  3. one thing: the fry-ups aren't 'all-day'. Fair enough as they're good and it's a nice place and that, just that the Unthank Kitchen will knock out a fry-up anytime. I miss the shell garage.

  4. I can't seem to find where I said they were "all day"? I used to always be in the shell garage late at night when I lived on Unthank Road, was a great place!

  5. I was just remembering the shell garage in the 90s, and do you remember big Duggy that worked the night shift....he was a highlight of my youth and I seem to remember from my bedsit days I used to normally buy a Pork Farms Chicken Tikka Slice and a pack of Cherry Bakewells!

    1. Yes! I remember Duggy and his many rings and chains, quite a character. For me it was always a pasty, crisps and can of coke after partying all night at 128 Unthank Road!

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