Monday, 7 November 2011

Tudor Rose Cafe - Cambridge

(Now closed)

54 Mill Road

There are a number of cafe's on Mill Road but it was the fried bread on offer at the Tudor Rose cafe that lured me in.

Inside it was quite quirky, it appeared to be cafe by day and Turkish restaurant by night.

This is the seating area towards the rear.

Decisions, decisions...

The classic condiment stack was a welcome sight.

A really good coffee that is included in the price of the breakfast.

It looked great when it arrived and did wonders for my hangover!

Everything tasted great.

If you like tomatoes you will love them here, really fresh, juicy and full of flavour.

Yep, it went down a treat!

The Rocker Covers were playing at The man on the moon in Cambridge, I loved their album and Last gang In Town always put on a really good night so there was no way in the world I was going to miss it! It was one hell of a night but the hangover in the morning needed mending so off we went in search of a fry up. Mill Road was our destination this time and the first place we noticed was Tudor Rose Cafe, we did walk along Mill Road for quite a way looking at other places but nowhere else seemed to be offering fried bread so back to the Tudor Rose we went...

Upon entering - Towards the front of the cafe it is quite narrow with seats to one side and the counter on the other side, there is a larger seating area at the back. There is a definite Turkish theme inside the cafe which in the evening becomes a Turkish restaurant. Each table has condiments and a menu, take a seat and somebody will soon come along to take your order. 7/10

Service - The person taking our order was friendly and efficient, she didn't write the order down and memorised everything including extra items. When everything arrived it was just as we had asked. 8/10

Contents - I went for the set breakfast 1 which consisted of - 1 sausage, bacon, 1 fried egg, fried bread, beans and a mug of coffee. I also ordered 2 extra's - black pudding and mushrooms. 8/10

Presentation - The plateful was full of colour and everything sat nicely on the plate. 7/10

The food - The sausage looked a tad like a frankfurter which initially concerned me, I took a bite and discovered it was but was not bothered at all as it tasted fantastic and certainly beats being served an economy sausage any day. The bacon was perfectly cooked and very tasty, the black pudding was fairly standard but nicely cooked too. The fried bread was golden, light and not dripping in fat, it went perfectly with the great fried egg. Tasty fried mushrooms and a good sized portion of beans finished off this breakfast that was a real pleasure to eat. The coffee that came with the breakfast was very good too. 8/10

Value for money - I paid £3.90 for the set breakfast which came with tea or coffee and added two extra items, black pudding for 90p and mushrooms for £1.00. So in total £5.80 seemed like a great price as the food was great and so was the service. 8/10

Veggie option - Yes, 2 set veggie breakfasts or build your own.

Overall - I would never have expected that being served a frankfurter sausage on a fry up would have left me very happy but here it did and everything went together really well. This place had a very unique feel to it and the friendly service and great prices will ensure I will definitely be returning. 8/10


  1. Hi, I love reading your write ups although wish you could do a few more in London! I am also keen to learn about the man behind the fry up tester, get a picture up and an about me page! :-)

  2. Thanks and glad you enjoy reading it! I will always visit a new place whenever I am in London, there are so many places I want to try there! As for putting a picture up, when I started the blog I did but then realised I would be better to stay anonymous incase cafe owners that had seen the blog recognised me when I visited. I started the blog after posting a few photos of fry ups on facebook, the amount of debate and comments on those photo lead to somebody saying "why not start a blog?" so I did. I try and eat just 1 fry up a week and love music (mainly psychobilly, punk and ska) I enjoy travelling, going to festivals and going to see as many live bands as I can. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for all the great reviews!

    May I suggest a map of all the places you've been? Makes it easier if you don't know where everything is :)

  4. In reply to my first post, listen to a band called Kid British and see what you think, may need to listen a couple of times and see if it grows on you. I look forward to many more reviews.

  5. Hi Inspector; only recently discovered this blog and love it; its high time the great British fry-up got the recognition it deserves as one of our foremost contributions to world cuisine. Try to get up here to Scotland some time and review a few fry-ups. We don't have Britains worst heart attack rate for nothing you know!

  6. I did once visit Glasgow and ate some really nice Scottish breakfasts at the Victorian House Hotel, this was way before I started this blog though. I do hope to return to Scotland at some point.

  7. Once again, thanks for a great site. Theres only one thing to rival a classic British fry-up and thats a classic British mixed-grill; a different beast in my opinion. Scope for a future blog perhaps!?

  8. Glad you enjoy the site, I love a mixed grill too! Could well be a plan for another blog, not sure my heart could take it though!!