Sunday, 27 February 2011

24 hour Transport Cafe - Red Lodge

Turnpike Road (old A11)
IP28 8LB

Opening hours
24 hours

Take the "Red Lodge" turning off the A11 and follow 'Transport Cafe" signs, you can't miss it.

This is where you place your order, there seemed to be just one breakfast option.

The place has remained unchanged for decades.

Through the doorway leads to another long seating area and the outside toilets.

What a stunning view!

80p bought me a stewed mug of tea.

If you like beans and tomatoes you are in for a real treat.

Tomato juice swamped the plate.

Red Lodge 24 hour transport cafe has remain unchanged for decades, it even had a documentary made about it. I remember stopping there about 20 years ago but couldn't remember what my thoughts were on their fry up. I had been to another amazing "Last Gang In Town" gig in Cambridge and on my way home the next day was getting really excited about stopping at Red Lodge. I had been thinking about visiting a long time ago but realised it would make much more sense to pop in when I was actually passing it on my way somewhere, the day had arrived so in I went..

Upon entering - When I first walked in the place it was fairly empty, there is a counter straight ahead with a large menu on the wall. There only seemed to be one fried breakfast option on the menu, the 'Red Lodge special breakfast". There is nothing on the tables except the odd bottle of ketchup and brown sauce so grab what you need from the counter and find a table. There are two inside areas to sit and you can also sit outside at the front or out the back. There is lots of signed band photos on the wall, some looking very faded now, possible famous visitors over the years? I liked the way the place has been left unchanged for years with a vast selection of things on the wall to keep you occupied while you wait for your food. 7/10

Service - I ordered and payed at the counter and when it was ready I collected it from the counter. 5/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 2 bacon, 1 egg, fried bread, beans and tinned tomatoes. 6/10

Presentation - It looked ok but the tomato and beans overload was apparent the second I looked at it. 6/10

The food - As you may well have noticed by now I am not a fan of economy sausages, but there it was nestled between 2 deep fried pieces of bacon and mount tomato. The fried egg was perfect as was the fried bread but this was short lived as it absorbed the sea of tomato juice and turned soggy. Fairly standard beans and loads of them. 6/10

Value for money - £4.40 for the fried breakfast and 80p for a mug of tea seemed a fair price. 6/10

Veggie option - No

Overall - I have been looking forward to revisiting this place for ages now and I did leave feeling disappointed. I was expecting a varied breakfast menu but was surprised to find one choice with just 6 different items on it and not a mushroom in sight. The tea was stewed and the food was swamped in tomato juice, great fried bread and fried egg though! By the time I left, the place was filling up with people and I know many people love the place. I love the look and feel of the place and the fact it hasn't changed in 40 odd years but very much doubt I will return. 6/10


  1. You should try the breakfast at The Coach & Horses on Thorpe Road. Like the reviews by the way!

  2. Will give the C&H's a look, cheers!

  3. Tried C&H's on a weekday but fry up was Sunday only, will return though!

  4. about this blog the place was nice and even the foods was obviously clean and delicious. transport cafe

  5. Egg, 3 bacon and 4 tinned toms, 2 slices toast, mug of tea. £4.80p. 10/10. really enjoyed it, on my stop list when out that way.

  6. As an ex truck driver I have had fry-ups from every part of the country and I can honestly say that I have never had a better one than that served by Woodys cafe in Gt Yarmouth.It's just near the car park behind Palmers department store or can be reached from the market by using the "Row"at the side of Palmers so access is not a problem.Aword of warning,dont order the large breakfast unless you are a very big eater,I am 18 stone [to many fry ups]and the large breakfast was to much for me so be warned.Also the food is very reasonably priced with no compromise on quality and another nice touch [often neglected by some cafes] is the warmed plates the food is served on.All I can say is try it,you wont be disappointed.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Andy. Woody's Cafe sounds great, I will be sure to visit next time I am in Great Yarmouth.

  7. I just wanted to update everyone that this café now offers 5 set choices of breakfast: Standard, All Day, Large, Big Boy and vegetarian.
    I ate there today (29/11/14) and the breakfast was very good, although there were a few to many fried potatoes. The sausage was also a little lack-lustre but otherwise it was very nice and well presented. Service was very friendly but when my brekky came out, it was placed on the counter and I was beckoned over to collect it while the waiter stood and watched me. Would have taken him 10 seconds to deliver it and say "enjoy your breakfast" or something similar. However, it did look a lot more attractive than the pictures posted here so that is an improvement!I think the Inspectors score for this café could go up a little based on todays performance, but probably just the 1 point at the moment.
    Cheers, Gary.

  8. PETER H TRUCKERMAN12 December 2015 at 08:58

    2 cafes i recommend highly are the junction 26 cafe off the loughton turn off on the m25 open till around 9pm and then there is the wonderful airport cafe off the hythe turn off on the ashford road open till about 10pm monday till saturday and sunday about 3pm both are the best i have ever tasted and great value for money but both are full of foreign truckers taking up the spaces so you may have to park on the