Sunday, 20 February 2011

Rendezvous, Anglia Square - Norwich

(Now closed)

15 Anglia Square

Lots of tables outside if you fancy smoking or just watching the people of Anglia Square.

If you enter from the side entrance near St Augustines Street it is one of the first places you see, after eating there it is one of the last places I want to see again!

Order and pay here...

Then grab a seat and pray here.

It's white sugar and it's awful coffee.

At a glance it looked ok.

But having eaten it I can safely say it is the worst fry ups I have eaten in Norwich so far.

Rendezvous in the square has been a place I have been meaning to try for a long time now and if im honest my feeling that it would not be a great experience was delaying me actually going in. But how can you possibly know unless you try, I had been to another nearby cafe but that was closed so the day to pop into Rendezvous had arrived...

Upon entering - The place is fairly big with the counter situated on the far right, place your order there and pick a table. There are a good number of places to sit inside as well as a few tables outside where you can smoke. Be sure to decide what you want at the counter as there are no menus on the tables, cutlery and condiments are kept on the counter too. 5/10

Service - The lady taking my order was not friendly and I felt I was inconveniencing her by being there, not good at all. 2/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1 hash brown, 1 fried egg, beans, mushrooms, half a tomato and fried bread. 6/10

Presentation - It actually looked ok at first glance but the longer I looked the more things I noticed like the solid uncooked tomato and the soggy drenched in oil fried bread. The plates looked like they had seen better days too. 5/10

The food - A fairly good standard sausage that was unfortunately served luke warm rested against a mass of horrible tasting rubbery tinned mushrooms. The bacon tasted ok but had a boiled like texture to it that left me feeling like I was chewing on bacon flavoured gum. The fried bread was dripping in oil and soggy rather than crisp, the fried egg also was dripping in oil but the yolk was at least intact and runny. A standard hash brown and serving of beans though both were luke warm. The tomato was ice cold apart from the flat edge that had been cooked very briefly. Oh dear! 1/10

Value for money - £3.95 for the dire food and £1.20 for a nasty mug of coffee left me feeling like I had been robbed. A number of places nearby will serve much better food for less money. 1/10

Veggie option - I didn't notice one.

Overall - I have eaten fry ups in a lot of different places now in Norwich and this one was by far the worst. Nothing on the plate was nice, the place wasn't welcoming and the staff were not particularly friendly. It always has customers when I pass so they must be doing something right, what I don't know and frankly I don't care. Never again!! 3.5/10


  1. Ha ha! I know you're trying to find the best fry up but the bad place make for funny reviews....I'm looking forward to a 1/10

  2. This place has since re-opened as the Cafe On The Corner.

    My experience of the place when it was Rendezvous was equally off-putting, but I might see if the new owners have improved the food.

  3. Oh God those mushrooms look like freaking maggots!!!