Sunday 16 May 2010

Guest Review by Simon Sadler

Walcott Cafe - Norfolk

Walcott Cafe on the sea front, proper farm shop sausages,thick bacon, 2 eggs with lovely runny yoke, Tomato (very nice but I prefer the canned plum myself) beans, mushrooms, thick slice of fried bread and thick slice of toast with side plate of fried potatoes all for £7. Best we've found locally so far, well worth a visit. 9/10


  1. Only worth a visit if you can put up with the rude male owner behind the counter who is guarenteed to greet you with a scowl like you're interrupting his day and the poison dwarf of a wife who works in the kitchen who will tell you you're putting her out if you want to change anything on the menu to suit you. Thank god for the young staff you carry the place so well.

  2. Personally always found the staff to be friendly and the food to be top notch whenever I have been there.