Thursday 29 April 2010

The Street Cafe - Norwich

A more recent write up on the Street Cafe can now be found here

147 Magdalen Street

Breakfast menu served all day

A great cafe on Magdalen Street in Norwich that had been recommended to me a number of times so I decided to give it a try and so should you, it was so good I went back a second time.

Standard English Breakfast - £4.95

Bumper English Breakfast - £7.00

Upon entering - It is a large cafe which feels great the moment you enter, plenty of tables layed out nicely and very clean. Each table has a menu and is equipped with everything you need, the atmosphere feels good and you feel straight away that the food is going to be special. 9/10

Service - The friendly waitress takes your order at the table with a smile and comes back to check everything is ok. It's nice to be served by somebody who seems to enjoy their job and cares about their customers. 9/10

Content - A number of breakfast options are available including vegetarian, I will focus on the Bumper breakfast. 2 sausages, 2 bacon, fried egg, hash brown, mushrooms, beans, tomato, fried bread and toast or bread & butter. 8/10

Presentation - Top stuff! 10/10

The food - Good quality pork sausages, tasty bacon, perfect fried egg, perfect hash brown, nice fresh mushrooms, good quality beans, grilled tomato (OK but I always prefer tinned) Fried bread was not so good, it seemed lightly fried and a bit soft in places. Lovely soft white bread and real butter, perfect for bacon sarnies. 7/10

Value for money - Expensive but quality of food and service makes it feel worth it, you will struggle to finish the bumper breakfast. 7/10

Veggie option - Yes

Overall - Well worth a visit and good food & service. On my second visit I tried the standard breakfast which was equally as good. I will be back there soon! 9/10

***Update - 15/10/11***

This time I went for the traditional breakfast and added extra black pudding for 95p. The food and service was fantastic again and this time round I noticed the entire breakfast menu is served all day!

Here is the all day breakfast menu.

This was on my latest visit in December 2011, this place never fails to impress!

Evening fry ups now available Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays!


  1. Eat there pretty much every weekend.. staff are lovely and polite even when you look like you havent slept for a week..

    The Challenge breakfast really is a challenge

    I can confidently say these do the best fry ups i have ever had :)

  2. I've only been here once after it had come very highly recommended by some friends, and if I'm honest, I wasn't hugely impressed. The girl who served us was only young and couldn't seem to manage a smile in the entire time we were there. This put a bit of a downer on everything because friendly service is really important to me, so when we got what was only an average fry-up, I struggled to really enjoy it. Maybe they were just having an off day, but that one off day meant I won't be in a hurry to go back any time soon.

  3. Amazing, absolutley spotless, lovely staff and my breakfast hit the spot perfectly!

  4. Went to the street cafe for the first time today as it was the only place I could find open on a bank holiday monday. Never been before as I always thought it looked a bit posh. Glad I did friendly smiling staff made me feel very welcome and food (a bumper fry up) was amazing 10/10 I will be back and with friends.

  5. Me and my ex-colleagues venture to the Street Cafe once a month and love the food, atmosphere and the service.

    The only downer is that, three times this year, we have turned up at 8 (they open at 7) to find the place closed up. No signs to indicate why? Assume illness or broken alarm clocks but it's made us lose confidence when arranging our monthly visits!

  6. I went to the street cafe the other day i had a chalange breakfast it was well nice. it was huge and it was the best fry up ive ever had in a cafe. it wasent gresey and the meat was'nt cheap by far the best cafe in norwich the staff are really friendly helpfull and profesional 10 out of 10 i will eat there again

  7. It was a great breakfast the best ive ever had in a cafe 10 out of 10 and the staff are lovely the chalange was a chalange i will be chalangeing my self to another one soon ha ha its the best in norwich

  8. This is the place to have a proper breakfast. Archers sausages "The best", Smoked bacon, Eggs fried to perfection, Runny yolks with properly cooked whites. Hash browns. loads of mushrooms, tomatoes, fried bread, two rounds of toast. Oh, and beans. If thats not enough for you have their challenge breakfast If you are brave enough. Wash it all down with a nice pot of tea... Just do It.

  9. What time does it open on a Sunday?

    1. Sunday it is open from 10am til 2.30pm, a more recent write up can be found here

  10. popped in here yesterday after reading your review (roast page) and have to say we weren't disappointed. the lady who served us couldn't have been more friendly and the overall ambience in there was great. when the breakfasts came up we weren't disappointed, good sausages make the breakfast for us and they were goregeous as was the rest of it. full marks for us and we'll definitely be going back. might try the roast one Sunday too. Xx 10/10

    1. The amazing Archers sausages certainly make this excellent breakfast stand out from the crowd. I love the Street Cafe, excellent everytime! Glad you enjoyed it too!!

  11. ENGLISH breakfast, with hash browns and baked beans? Nope.