Sunday 16 May 2010

Britvic staff canteen - Norwich

Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd

Carrow Works
King Street

Parking on-site
(Only if you are using the training facilities)

Although not a public cafe you can eat there as a visitor if you are using the Abbey Conference Centre next door. Other people had told me how good the food was so I decided to get there early one morning before my training course started to try it out for myself.

Upon entering - As I walked through the canteen towards the serving hatch I had a strange feeling I was going to be asked to leave as I didn't work there. Lots of the workers sat at the tables eating seemed to be staring at me as I crossed the canteen, not a nice experience but the fact I was hungover from the night before made it easier. 4/10

Service - I told the friendly lady serving the food I wanted everything and she stacked the plate up. I still had no idea how much it was going to cost me so was well chuffed when the lady on the till charged me the visitor rate of £3.60. 8/10

Content - 1 sausage, 1 bacon, scrambled egg, fried egg, musrooms, fried bread, tinned tomatoes & beans. 8/10

Presentation - Served nicely! 8/10

The food - A tasty pork sausage, good quality bacon (Not seen in pic but was hidden under fried bread), a perfectly cooked fried egg, delicious scrambled eggs, lots of tasty mushrooms, good beans, juicy tinned tomatoes and fried bread that was slightly too oily and not quite crunchy enough. 8/10

Value for money - Lots of food for very little money. 9/10

Veggie option - Yes

Overall - I felt a bit out of place surrounded by a mass of workers in white overalls and hats. that said though the food and service were great and I can't wait to be told I have more staff training at the Abbey Conference Centre again! 7/10


  1. "Lots of the workers sat at the tables eating seemed to be staring at me as I crossed the canteen, not a nice experience" written May 2010. Haha I left them a year prior and can well imagine the looks you were getting! Oppressive regime has the workers on edge! But enough about them. Since leaving I managed to shed the four stone of bulk I'd acquired through many a hearty plate full of Britvic fry-ups at dirt cheap prices - and ours' were lower than the visitors! That was a great canteen and the chef did great main meals not just fry-ups, so if ever you have more training but later in the day then check it out. Mind you, it's now 2013, but things never seem to change round there, much like the oppression which I'm still hearing about from ex fellow colleagues...

  2. I was lucky enough to try some main meals in the canteen whilst on training days. A free lunch used to be provided but cuts in various budgets put an end to that so the canteen seemed the best bet! A delicious main meal and dessert for a few quid, really tasty too!