Monday, 30 September 2019

Punk Rock Holiday Adventure - Chapter 2, Day 8

Next stop Zagreb

So Punk Rock Holiday was over for another year, being surrounded by so many incredible countries though why go home yet? From Tolmin we caught a taxi to Most na Soci station. A train then took us to Jesenice where we changed to another train that took us all the way to Zagreb. Quite a straightforward journey really but buying a ticket wasn't so easy. I'd tried numerous times over the past week to find out how to buy a train ticket to Zagreb but nobody seemed to know for sure. We managed to buy a ticket to Jesenice but on the next train the conductor could only sell us a ticket that took us as far as the Slovenian border. As it turned out we got from Tolmin to Zagreb for just €14 each.

The scenery along the way is breathtaking. 

By mid afternoon we'd arrived in Zagreb where we'd be spending the next couple of days. 

Tonight we'd be staying at Apartment Red Bike in the centre of the city. A really cool apartment which cost us just £60 for the night. This place had everything you could possibly need and more, there was a kitchen, laundry room, laptop and even bowls of sweets on the tables. 

At last a proper double bed!!

In the sweltering heat I decided to cool down with a lemon radler. Something we were fast becoming aware of is how cheap everything is in Croatia, your money definitely goes a long way here.

As we explored the Historical Centre of Zagreb a newly wed couple passed us in this stunning car.

I'm guessing they had just got married at St Mark's Church. It's one of the oldest buildings in Zagreb, located on St.Mark's Square and easily recognisable by its colourful tiled roof.

Not far from St Mark's Church we found a walkway with incredible views across the city. Lining it were street food vendors and cafes, this particular place caught our eye as knickers were hanging out to dry above the tables!

To be honest it was pretty touristy along here but we didn't care, it was a really nice place to stroll along and take in the views.

Cathedral of Zagreb perfectly framed in the distance.

Something which really stood out as we made our way around Zagreb was the incredible street art. There was so much of it to be found and in this small park the walls featured paintings of famous inventors from Croatia. David Schwarz, a Zagreb Jew invented the steerable metal airship.

The first of many beers and Ozujsko is the main one you'll find here. A great lager and so reasonably priced too, just £3 a pint! We decided to eat and this restaurant close to the main square in the city seemed like a good place to stop.

I just had to try a cevapi, grilled seasoned minced meat sausages served with onions in a warm lepinja bread. This was so delicious and really big too, adding ajvar (a red pepper based sauce) takes it to a whole new level. Afterwards we took a slow walk back to our apartment to make the most of the comfy bed. Tomorrow we had a very long day ahead and we'd be spending the night sleeping on a train.

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  1. OMG that Cevapi looks awesome, wouldn't that be a great addition to our better UK kebab houses!!!