Sunday, 24 January 2016

Tesco - All day breakfast

A friend spotted these frozen all day breakfasts in Tesco and suggested I tried one. I was curious as I'd already tried Hunger Breaks Full monty in a tin (it was pretty grim) and wondered how Tesco's £1.16 all day breakfast compared.

It sat in the freezer for a few days before I decided to cook it for my lunch.

 The fat and salt levels were really high but this was highlighted on the packaging.

I decided to cook it in the microwave but could see afterwards why cooking it in the oven would be a much better option.

This is how it looked when it was still frozen, there was no sign of any bacon.

After 5 minutes I stirred the beans and popped it back in the microwave for another 3 minutes.

It was ready but I wasn't too excited about trying it, just look at that hash brown!

This is how it looked on the box.

I decided to serve it the same way as it was presented on the box. It was actually bigger than I was expecting once on the plate and the bacon had been hiding under the omelette and hash brown.

I really struggled to get the pale and sloppy hash brown onto the plate in one piece, this is why I should have cooked it in the oven. Eating it wasn't a particularly pleasant experience!

The sausage was really chewy and not particularly nice.

The omelette was very watery with little flavour.

The bacon was a bit better than I was expecting but like the sausage it was incredibly chewy.

The highlight was the beans, they tasted ok. For £1.16 it was a better option than the tinned breakfasts that are available and it was much better than Ryan Air's Getaway breakfast. Despite this though it wasn't particularly enjoyable and I wouldn't personally buy it again.

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