Friday, 22 January 2016

Revolucion de Cuba - Norwich

7-9 Queen Street

Brunch menu served every Saturday and Sunday

Revolucion de Cuba can be found on Queen Street close to Tombland.

A long bar runs along the back.

The main area is fairly dark with plenty of tables, the conservatory is much lighter and there's also a large garden at the rear.

The brunch menu is Cuban influenced but if you're partial to a Full English then the closest thing is the full grilled breakfast.

The cappuccino was great and cost £2.50, the small chocolate brownie was a really nice touch.

The rum sauce was really spicy so I grabbed a bottle of ketchup from a nearby table.

When the full brunch arrived I initially felt quite underwhelmed.

Here's an aerial view.

The highlight for me were the thick sliced mushrooms, really tasty!

The sausage was looking a tad burnt but it tasted nice enough and the tomato was ripe and juicy.

The streaky bacon was fairly nice.

A burnt lump was hitching a ride on a decent fried egg.

My wife suggested I asked for some butter but I decided to eat the toast as it was served. She was right though, it really did need some butter!

Huevos Rancheros was my wife's choice, she adores tomatoes but sadly there wasn't many on the plate. It usually comes with a fried egg but my wife asked to have it without one, she thoroughly enjoyed eating this.

A friend mentioned to me that Revolucion de Cuba were offering a free brunch, I realised it would be a Cuban influenced menu so wasn't expecting a full English breakfast but decided to give it a look anyway. Having emailed them I heard back really quickly confirming our table had been booked so we headed along there just after midday...

Upon entering - In the past I've found Revolucion de Cuba to be far too noisy for my liking but on this visit it was much more peaceful and relaxing. The vast seating area by the bar is fairly dark but there's more seating in the conservatory which benefits from plenty of natural light. It was far too cold to sit outside today but they do also have an impressive garden area and some tables out the front too. There's full table service and each table has menus, cutlery and condiments already on it. We had a table reserved in the area by the bar, it was a fairly relaxing and pleasant environment to enjoy a spot of food in. 7/10

Service - I couldn't fault the service here, we were welcomed and shown to our table as soon as we arrived. First we ordered some hot drinks and was then given time to decide what we wanted to eat from the brunch menu. Our drinks arrived on a wooden plank with a mini chocolate brownie, nice touch! Our order was taken next and a bottle of rum sauce was brought to the table, too hot for me but my wife loved it. Our food arrived in good time and during the meal we were asked if everything was ok. We asked for the bill at the end which was brought to the table and we left very impressed with the friendly and efficient service.  10/10

Contents - 1 large smoked sausage, 2 slices of streaky bacon, 1 fried egg, half a tomato, mushrooms and 2 slices of toast. 5/10

Presentation - On the plus side the tomato looked really ripe and the fried egg was right where I wanted it, on top of the toast. I did wonder why the toast was served without butter but decided to try it this way in case I was missing out on something. On the downside the sausage looked quite burnt in places and a small burnt lump sat on top of the fried egg. I felt quite visually disappointed but my gut feeling was that it could well taste better than it looked. 5/10

The food - The smoked sausage was quite nice and made a change from a standard pork sausage, despite being black in places it didn't seem to affect the taste. The streaky bacon was fairly enjoyable and the fried egg was in good shape with a runny yolk. I enjoyed the delicious thick cut mushrooms, for me this was the highlight of the breakfast. The tomato was really enjoyable too, full of flavour and nicely ripened. I'm not sure if toast served without butter was intentional or an error. One thing is for sure though it was way too dry, I resorted to eating the tomato on top of one slice and the egg on the other slice. Knowing this wasn't going to be a full English breakfast I wasn't overly concerned at the time about there being no beans or butter on the toast. In hindsight though it really could have done with both to give it some much needed moisture. 6/10

Value for money - The usual cost of this breakfast is £7, I was lucky to get it free though during their free brunch promotion. N/A 

Veggie option - Some vegetarian options are available on the menu. 

Overall - A pleasant experience in a spacious venue with excellent service. The breakfast was quite nice but it did seem really dry in places. I was surprised to see no veggie full breakfast on the menu, my wife doesn't like avocado so she was left with just one vegetarian option (Huevos Rancheros) but she did really enjoy it. The brunch didn't really excite me but I've eaten excellent burritos and drunk some great cocktails at Revolucion de Cuba in the past. 6.5/10


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