Friday 28 August 2015

The Greek Food Adventure - Day 8

A stunning cheese pie and disappointing sausage pie!

It was our last day in Corfu but as our flight wasn't until this evening we still had plenty of time for a final walk to the beach. I was really going to miss the amazing tomatoes grown in Corfu so had some sliced over some bread for the last time.

As Dassia was the nearest beach we headed there for a final look at the sea.

I hadn't eaten a Mars ice cream in ages, I'd forgotten how nice they were.

We stopped at the the local bakery on the way back to the villa as we wanted to buy Kiki some of the biscuits we'd tried there on day four. I bought this mystery can of drink there, nothing new and exciting had been discovered though, it was just plain lemonade.

Something exciting was waiting for us back at the house though, Kiki had made us a huge cheese pie!

This was Kiki's own special recipe and it tasted amazing!!

With a couple of hours to spare we went for one last walk in a direction we'd not yet explored, we spotted this cat on top of some bins.

I was guessing these were possibly olive trees and the nets were used to catch the olives.

Back at the villa we packed our cases, this painting of the villa on our bedroom wall had been painted by a previous guest. My wife decided to leave Kiki the painting of the house that she had done the other day.

It was finally time to say goodbye to the amazing villa and our lovely host Kiki, our stay here had been perfect and I really hope to return again someday.

One last Ouzo for the road!

We waited for our transfer bus at Joy's Cafe in Kato Korakiana. It was a chance to try their frappe, certainly the best I'd tried yet with a nicely whipped top.

The transfer bus arrived on time and we left Kato Korakiana behind.

Apart from the odd thunder storm that always passed quickly the weather had been really hot here all week, I started to wonder what the temperature would be back home in the UK.

The airport was really busy inside so we got some fresh air whilst we still could. It's always sad leaving a place behind, I felt quite envious at those that had just arrived on this beautiful island, lucky them!

Corfu airport had just one place to buy food, Everest Olympic Catering.

This sausage and tomato pie looked promising, it cost €4.50 and I couldn't wait to take a bite.

Oh dear.. not quite what I was hoping for but quite comical!

I was hoping to buy a sandwich on the plane but by the time the hostess trolley had arrived there was very little choice left. Not the end of the world though, I'd certainly experienced some amazing food during my week in Corfu!


  1. Looks like a great place to visit, wouldn't mind retiring to a place like that.

  2. The cheese pie is Tiropita, made with feta and filo pastry....looove it!!!!

  3. Thanks for an enjoyable trip through part of my favourite place on this planet. My first visit to Ipsos and Dassia was also in 1987 and I have now returned some 14 times since. The food is amazing in the most, with only a few disappointing meals in all that time.