Thursday 27 August 2015

The Greek Food Adventure - Day 7

A day at the beach and a restaurant with a view

It was our last full day in Corfu and we decided to spend it on the beach in Dassia taking it easy. Before leaving the villa I tried some of Kiki's homemade tomato marmalade, very sweet and delicious spread over some bread and butter.

This old vehicle close to the shop in Kato Korakiano had been long forgotten.

As I mentioned before Dassia isn't a particularly wide beach, it's home to Dassia Ski Club though and I was about to photograph some parasailing from the back of the boat.

Having been up in the parachute a few days before I was looking forward to seeing it from the other end of the rope.

It was quite tricky trying to take photos whilst the boat moved suddenly and water splashed up over the edge, all this at the same time as holding a conversation with the chap controlling the boat! 

After photographing the parasailing I took a walk along the beach and this sign stopped me in my tracks. I couldn't resist it so went back to sell the idea to my wife!

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Having just eaten a full English breakfast and 3 cheese pies I decided to walk it off and explore the shops in Dassia, there were more shops here than I was expecting.

I didn't buy anything from the shops except this Mythos with added lemon, quite refreshing.

You can't beat the real thing though! We returned to where we had eaten breakfast and cooled down with Mythos in frozen glasses.

I'd been meaning to try one of these all week, despite the watermelon appearance they actually tasted more like bubblegum.

This air con device in our bedroom definitely deserves a mention, I couldn't have got much sleep without it and often sat underneath it after returning to the house each day. 

A cold can of beer was always a good way to relax as was a puff on some red astaire.

As it was our last evening we decided to eat at Panorama Restaurant.

It was pretty empty when we arrived but the owner seemed glad to see us.

This was not currently on offer at the restaurant due to the lack of customers, a shame as something we hadn't experienced all week was Greek entertainment. Back in 1987 I remember going to a Greek night where we smashed plates on the way in, ate great food and danced without a care in the world after consuming way too much wine!

Everything on the menu looked great, we just had to decide on my final meal.

As I passed through this area it was a sad sight to see how empty it was on a Friday night, we were the only customers here.

The view from the Panorama Restaurant is breathtaking!

One of my favourite discoveries this week had been Mythos, such a nice beer!

As there was no butter I poured some olive oil and a little vinegar over some bread, delicious!

Once more we ordered a Greek salad.

We ordered some Dolmades to share, another great discovery this week.

These homemade meat balls were superb, I tried one but my starter was on it's way over.

My starter was listed on the menu as sausages so I wasn't too sure exactly what would arrive. I was delighted when this giant sausage (a bit like a saveloy but with a much more coarse texture) arrived on a bed of chips. 

This swordfish looked excellent, I started to wonder if I should have ordered this too.

Taking photos in such a low light was proving tricky, some Moussaka arrived at the table next. Moussaka wasn't Panorama Restaurant's strong point though, a tad dry.

My wife ordered some aubergine salad, not quite what she was expecting but really nice.

My choice was the Stifado, a classic Greek dish that Panorama Restaurant did so well. Stifado is a meaty stew with beef and baby shallot onions. The sauce which is made slightly sweet by the onion tasted amazing and the beef was really tender.

Toothpicks were often found at many of the restaurants we had visited in Corfu. I don't often find them at restaurants back home anymore which is a great shame.

By the end of the night we were still the only customers at The Panorama Restaurant. I really hope business picks up here as the owner was lovely and the food was excellent.

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A stunning cheese pie and a disappointing sausage pie!

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