Monday, 17 August 2015

Sally's Bar - Ipsos, Corfu

(Opposite the beach)

Open daily from 9am till 2am
Breakfast served all day

It's often possible to find an English bar whilst abroad, I usually avoid doing this though as I love to embrace the country I'm visiting.

I had plenty of time in Corfu to sample the local food though so decided one breakfast review was too tempting an opportunity to miss.

Sally's Bar opens at 9am and remains open till 2am so no need to get up too early for breakfast here!

A selection of breakfasts on the menu but not a Lorne sausage, tattie scone, potato farl to be seen anywhere on it despite the regional options.

Drinks were reasonably priced here and if you wanted a cuppa just like you made at home then this was the place to be.

With the temperature fast approaching 30°C at 9.30am we decided to sit outside.

This large table was perfect for a larger group, behind it is apparently Corfu's biggest blackboard.

Write or draw what you like and once the blackboard is full they preserve your art work and re-post it on their message board here.

 The bar is in the corner inside, place your order there or wait for them to come and take it at the table.

 There were frequent rain storms during our time in Corfu, luckily the inside seating area will keep you dry should the heavens open!

Plenty of mayo, mustard, ketchup and brown sauce can be found inside.

No messing around with fiddly sachets here!

The cappuccino wasn't great but the sugar sachets contained a decent amount unlike at home.

 I ordered the Scottish breakfast but swapped the toast for fried bread, it cost just €6.90 (about £5)

A good mix of items on a large oval plate arrived.

With the local fresh tomatoes tasting amazing it seemed odd to be served tinned. 

 I was half expecting an economy sausage and there it was holding the beans back from the hash brown.

 The bacon here was fairly tasty but very thin, great black pudding though.

The fried bread arrived on a separate plate lightly fried, perfect with some bacon and ketchup between two slices. The fried egg and beans topped the other slices nicely.

Sally's fried eggs were spot on.

Nice runny yolk!

There was no specific vegetarian breakfast on the menu so my wife ordered the full English and swapped the sausage and bacon for an extra hash brown and tomatoes. It came with two slices of toast on a separate plate and cost €5.90.

The Greek Food Adventure was never about searching for breakfasts to review as I like to search for the best local food when visiting other countries. Having spent our first few days trying so much amazing Greek food though it suddenly occurred to me that a fry up inspection would be quite acceptable. Besides, so many places were offering a full English along the coast resorts curiosity was getting the better of me. We got up early one morning and headed to Sally's Bar in Ipsos, it was a long walk and we both had a really good appetite when we arrived...

Upon entering - Sally's Bar has plenty of places to sit so take your choice of inside or outside where there is a great view of the beach. I'm guessing the staff come along to take your order but we headed straight to the bar to place our order and returned at the end to pay. There are menus on each table, sauces inside and cutlery arrives with the food. The outside area where we sat had plenty of parasols giving much needed shade from the sun. If you want to kill some time whilst your food is being cooked write something or draw a picture on their black board, the biggest in Corfu apparently! The drinks and food arrived in a decent amount of time and it was a really nice setting to enjoy breakfast in. 8/10

Service - The staff here were welcoming and friendly, my wife was able to negotiate a vegetarian breakfast quite easily when we arrived. Our hot drinks arrived first and shortly after that the breakfasts. We paid at the counter before leaving and I popped a tip in the jar on the bar, something I only do if the service is good. 7/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 2 bacon, black pudding, 1 fried egg, 1 hash brown, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and 2 slices of fried bread. 7/10

Presentation - The breakfast was nicely spread out on the plate and the chef here clearly enjoys tidy presentation. The fried bread arrived on a side plate on top of a serviette to absorb any excess oil, nice touch! 8/10

The food - The sausage was spongy in texture and fairly tasteless, your average economy sausage really. The bacon tasted nice but was very thinly sliced, the black pudding was really nice though. The hash brown was crispy and the fried egg spot on, the yolk flowed out nicely when I opened it up. Standard mushrooms and beans but a shame about the tinned tomatoes, nothing wrong with them but why when the local fresh ones taste amazing! The fried bread was light and slightly crispy, not holding too much oil. 5/10

Value for money - With a cappuccino this breakfast cost €8.90 (about £6.50) 
It was quite filling and fairly enjoyable so certainly worth the money. 7/10

Veggie option - No, but you can swap the meat items for extra tomatoes, hash browns, beans, tomatoes or eggs.

Overall - The breakfast here was pretty much what I was expecting to get, the food was ok and the service was really good. The best thing though was the stunning view of the sea whilst you eat breakfast outside in the sunshine. A shame about the lack of veggie option and the use of tinned tomatoes here but Sally's Bar is certainly worth considering if you have a sudden craving for a full English breakfast whilst in Ipsos. 7/10



  1. Hmm regional brekko's pretty much differing only in the mix of the same contents...FAIL, not even a deep fried mars bar in sight! The black pudding looks good, small though.

  2. We had the economy breakfast at 2.99 euros - suited us nicely, although my husband added black pudding to his. Couldn't be better.