Tuesday 18 August 2015

Andreas Restaurant - Dassia, Corfu

Dassia Beach



As I went for a stroll along Dassia Beach this sign stopped me in my tracks.

Andreas Restaurant was in a prime location right next to the sea.

The view from the restaurant was stunning.

Plenty of tables surrounding the bar at the side.

 The view from where we sat was amazing!

The English breakfast cost just €6 (about £4.30)

I was on holiday so instead of a cappuccino I ordered a pint of Mythos in a frozen glass. It cost just €3.50 (about £2.50) and tasted superb.

I was on holiday so why not order a starter before my breakfast I thought!

Cheese pies are amazing, filo pasty with a feta cheese filling.

Toast wasn't included with the breakfast but 2 slices with butter cost just €1.

 The oil and vinegar rack was already on the table next to the salt and pepper, ketchup is available on request.

 The breakfast looked a tad messy when it arrived.

The beans lay across the bacon.

Real tomatoes served here though, these local tomatoes are so tasty!

A good pair of eggs and thick cut bacon were a welcome sight.

The bacon was well cooked.

The eggs revealed nice runny yolks.

The sweets that arrived with the bill were a very nice touch.

A few days after my full English at Sally's Bar in Ipsos (read about that here) I spotted a restaurant along Dassia Beach serving breakfast. I was actually hoping to try cheese pie for lunch today but figured I could try try both here, we headed inside and found a table...

Upon entering - Nearly all of the seating here was outside but undercover so no problem if the heavens suddenly opened, being a few meters from the beach it provided a stunning view. Menus were already on the table and once seated the waitress came along with a table cloth, cutlery and condiment selection. It was a nice relaxing spot to enjoy a beer, some food and to spend some much needed time in the shade. Everything is bought to the table and you simply request the bill at the end. 9/10

Service - The friendly and efficient staff here ensured we had everything we needed and brought us ketchup when we requested it. Once our order was placed everything arrived quite quickly, when we asked for the bill at the end it arrived on a plate with some sweets which was a lovely touch. 8/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 fried eggs, beans and tomatoes. (2 slices of toast ordered separately) 5/10

Presentation - A bit messy really, could have been presented much better than this. Good looking eggs though. 4/10

The food - An economy sausage but more like the ones I remember from school with a slightly meatier texture and better flavour, I almost enjoyed it. The bacon here was thick cut and tasted great, it'd been cooked really well with plenty of crispier areas around the edge. The eggs were really nicely cooked with runny yolks and the beans were pretty good too. The highlight of this breakfast was without a doubt those amazing tomatoes, a bit black from the griddle but packed full of flavour and delicious! 6/10

Value for money - This €6 breakfast certainly tasted better than it looked and with a side order of toast for €1, cheese pies for €3.50 and a pint of Mythos for €3.50 it hardly broke the bank at just €14 (£10). 7/10

Veggie option - No but you could always order an omelette.
Overall - All the Greek food I saw being brought out to the tables here looked really good and I loved those cheese pies. The breakfast although quite messy looking was quite enjoyable to eat and certainly worth the money. The best thing about this place though was the stunning location, relaxing atmosphere and friendly welcome we received. 6.5/10

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  1. Still have my Mythos beer glass I took as a souvenir from Corfu over 13 years ago!