Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Mr D's Diner - Attleborough

A11 Southbound
NR17 2PU

Breakfast served everyday 
8am till 11am Mon - Sat
8am till 12pm Sundays

All day brunch served till 5pm 



Exterior shots are usually a piece of cake, Mr D's was no easy task though taken at 70mph whilst travelling in the opposite direction! My apologies for the screen reflection.

You should see Uncle Sam pointing at you as you approach it Southbound on the A11.

From the outside it looks quite plain.

The jukebox entrance takes you into somewhere very special though.

This 1950's American diner interior is just stunning! 

The upholstery is beautifully finished in turquoise and pink.

There's a jukebox in the corner and impressive lighting overhead.

I was too full up for desert but the menu sounded delicious.

A good mix of breakfasts are available, look at the full menu here.

The tables are set with cutlery, sauces and napkins so once the food has arrived you can tuck right in.

All breakfasts come with tea or coffee, refills are available too.

The Fat Boy breakfast was a decent enough size and tasted great.

It included 2 slices of toast and butter.

Nicely cooked meats and the straight edged eggs fitted nicely onto the toast. 

Very nice meaty sausages with firm texture.

Great yolks on both eggs.

 Crispy hash browns but the beans were not quite hot enough and in quite a lot of juice.

A tasty tomato and large juicy mushroom.

My wife chose the veg little buddy breakfast, her only regret was not choosing the veg fat boy instead. She enjoyed it and would have happily eaten more!

Having passed Mr D's Diner on the A11 numerous times an early morning trip out to Banham gave us an excuse to finally stop here for breakfast. It wasn't open on the way to Banham but by the time we passed it on the way home it was, we pulled up outside and headed towards the door...

Upon entering - The fairly bland exterior people see as they pass Mr D's Diner on the A11 initially leads you to believe you're at just another roadside eatery. As you head towards the jukebox entrance though that feeling starts to change, once you're through the door though you can't fail to be impressed! The interior of this 1950's American themed diner is stunning and beautifully finished. Choose from booths upholstered in pink or turquoise or standard tables and chairs, the tables have aluminium edging and everything ties together perfectly with the dark wooden flooring. There's a jukebox in the corner and a lovely blue glow shines between the ceiling panels above. The tables are already laid with cutlery and have a sauce cluster in the middle, once you're seated you are given a menu and there's full table service. Either wait for the bill at the end or pay at the counter on the way out. This place is a feast for the eyes and the layout is superb, I loved it! 9/10

Service - We were well looked after here by the young chap serving us, he was doing a great job and it was certainly efficient service with a smile. When we first entered we were told we could sit anywhere we liked, once seated a menu was brought over and drinks were offered. Once the drinks arrived our food order was taken, the food arrived in a reasonable amount of time and additional sauces were offered. This place feels laid back with the 1950's soundtrack in the background and the friendly staff make it place you will want to return to. 9/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 fried eggs, 2 hash browns, 1 large mushroom, half a tomato, beans, 2 slices of toast with butter and coffee with refills. 8/10

Presentation Everything looked nicely cooked and well placed on the large oval plate, toast arrived on a separate side plate with butter sachets. The eggs had been fried together in the pan and cut to separate, this left them with distinct straight lines. Not something I see very often but it meant they fit superbly on top of the toast. 7/10

The food - Delicious sausages with a solid meaty texture and nicely griddled bacon. A good pair of fried eggs with intact but runny yolks and nice crispy hash browns. The mushroom was juicy and delicious and the tomato quite flavoursome. The beans were served in quite a lot of juice but were not quite hot enough and the toast was standard white sliced served with real butter. Certainly an enjoyable breakfast that filled me up nicely and the filter coffee was good too. 7/10

Value for money - The Fat Boy breakfast cost £8.49 and included toast and coffee refills. Certainly a bargain considering how nice it all was and cheaper than any other roadside services I've ever encountered. 8/10

Veggie option - Veg fat boy for £8.49 or Veg little buddy for £5.69. Both include toast and tea or coffee refills.

Overall - On my travels I've encountered quite a few 1950's style American diners, often they look the part but the food leaves you unimpressed. This place ticks all the boxes though, a beautiful interior, great service and good food at a fair price. It's not in the most convenient location but because it's so great it certainly warrants a special trip out to visit it, I know I'll be back again for sure, I loved it! 8/10


  1. We will definitely give this a try. Looks really good food & the place looks spacious & typically American which we love. Is it just before the Attleborough turn off next to the filling station ?

  2. Oh yes, just my cup of tea (or coffee!). I'll be visiting here very soon, love the menu! Nice looking brekko, bacon cooked on the griddle, I actually like the extra bean juice to mop up with the last of the toast, pity there's no black pudding option but the sausage looks tasty...and I love the look of the interior, win win for me.

  3. That diner is so 50s, & yet....so 80s.