Friday, 31 July 2015

Jamie & Jacqui's farewell breakfast at House Cafe

On my search for the perfect breakfast experience I first visited House Cafe in March 2012. I didn't realise at the time but Jacqui and Jamie had only just taken it over a few days before I visited. I was instantly impressed with House Cafe on my first visit and it soon became my favourite breakfast in Norwich. Many times I've planned on visiting a new cafe to feature on the blog but been tempted back to House for a Full House Breakfast instead. My wife and I love the relaxing environment and chatting with the friendly staff team. The food is always served piping hot and cooked to perfection by Jamie, his homemade ciabatta is the best in the world! Just over 3 years since taking House Cafe over Jacqui and Jamie are moving on to other things and have sold the business. It's been a real pleasure everytime I've visited House Cafe over the years (read my review here) and I wish them the best of luck in the future. The good news is that the new owners plan to keep everything the same, phew!!

To mark their final week at House a special farewell breakfast was created. This sounded very special indeed, I couldn't wait to try it!

On this occasion my drink of choice was an English breakfast tea, served in a pot with a tea strainer, lovely!

My wife chose the veggie breakfast which also featured haloumi and bubble & squeak, she thoroughly enjoyed it.

 When the farewell breakfast arrived it looked amazing and was so big too! The beans arrived in a separate pot as their was no space on the plate. I quickly took some photos as I was eager to sample this masterpiece!

I've always said the ciabatta here served with real butter is to die for. Today though homemade toasted brioche also joined the party, It was equally as stunning and almost melted in the mouth.

When everything arrived I took a shot of everything together, what a beautiful sight.

A beautifully textured corned beef hash sat proudly beside an impressive bubble and squeak. Both were perfect and tasted out of this world.

Peering out from beneath the egg was homemade white pudding.

The white pudding was the best I've ever eaten with a perfect texture and flavour that your taste buds will thank you for. 

This shot features the full house regular items and is a perfect reminder of why I love this breakfast so much.

I do love fried bread and seeing it appear on the farewell breakfast was a lovely treat. The eggs as always were spot on with runny yolks, perfect to dip the fried bread into.

Without a doubt the best breakfast I've ever had the pleasure of eating! Good luck for the future Jamie and Jacqui, it's been a real pleasure everytime we've visited House Cafe during your time there. I'm sure so many others feel the same way too, thanks so much!!


  1. That looks very impressive.

  2. Now isn't that a beautiful brekko, why oh why does nowhere do corned beef hash? The white pudding is interesting, I presume it was pork meat?, looks damned good though. The new owners really should put this one on the menu, ok it wont be cheap but I'd order that any time of day!