Tuesday 14 July 2015

2015 Spanish Food Adventure - Day 1

Destination Calella

Having only recently got back from the The Margate Adventure it was time to head to the train station once more, we had a flight to catch to Barcelona. The Psychobilly Meeting in Pineda De Mar is one of my yearly highlights and always a good opportunity to explore other parts of Spain. This year we planned to attend the festival and then move on to Barcelona and Valencia.

Knowing we'd be eating breakfast at the airport we kept things healthy on the train journey to Stansted. This healthy moment wasn't going to last long though!

Once at Stansted we were drawn into Cafe Balzar, at first glance it looked pretty good.

The breakfast was a big let down though, read about it here.

Stansted is currently having a face lift, winding walkways lined with shops now lead you to the food court at the end. I much preferred the old open layout though, the new one seemed much more hectic and quite claustrophobic to me.

Ryanair are usually on time but two no show customers created a delay. It was during this time though that I spotted something on the menu that would mean I'd be eating breakfast twice in one morning.

I never expected it to be particularly nice but I was shocked at just how awful the Getaway Cafe breakfast really was, read my review on it here.

The red and white walkway to Barcelona Airport train station, its always a pleasure to be walking across this, we had entered the tunnel of fun!

Some friends were collecting their cases still so my wife and I decided to have a quick beer whilst we waited for them. The cold beer was great but the Russian Salad in the background was what had caught my eye, I was tempted to get some now but decided to wait.

Our arrival in Calella didn't go as smoothly as we were hoping. We had taken weeks to finally decide on which hotel to book in Calella and based our final decision on location, Hotel Neptuno seemed perfect. Once at reception though they broke the news to us that we'd be staying elsewhere due to previous guests causing damage to our room. The other hotel was a bit nicer but further away, a frustrating situation and one that called for a strawberry mojito.

Having only eaten two awful breakfasts all day I ordered a cheese and ham bikini, simple but delicious. My friend Simon ordered a sausage baguette, I was slightly envious, it contained a fine set of chipolatas.

A pina colada before heading off to the festival tent, quite nice but not enough coconut.

The cocktail theme continued at the festival tent, €6 each for a pint, quite nice and plenty of alcohol in them. Strangely though no matter how many we had we just didn't seem to be getting drunk.

We caught some of The Surf Rats but spent most the night chatting with the many Norwich people that were also at the festival.

My wife bought some festival chips, hand cut and delicious!

I went for a chicken kebab baguette, it tasted much better than it looked.

Unable to get drunk and feeling really tired we started the long walk back to the hotel. Following a pair of disappointing breakfasts and a hotel let down we decided to put the day behind us. I began wondering what was for breakfast tomorrow...

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Cycling to Malgrat and dinner at Les Caves

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  1. A 'cheese and ham bikini' ?....is that a Spanish thing?