Monday, 4 May 2015

Full English Breakfast Pie made by Chris Avey

The Old Bakery Catering

Up until November 2014 Chris Avey was running The Old Bakery Cafe in Norwich, I had discovered an amazing breakfast there back in 2012 which I awarded 10/10. I returned again late last year for the stunning Final Flourish Breakfast which marked the end of the cafe. Since then Chris has been busy setting up and running The Old Bakery Catering

A few weeks ago somebody posted a story on Metro website about a full English breakfast pie. As soon as I saw it I really wanted to try one, I love a full English breakfast as I'm sure you all know and also being partial to a pie this seemed like the best thing ever! Almost straight away Chris contacted me saying he was up for making one for me, I was over the moon and couldn't wait to taste it! 

Chris posted a photo of the pie he had made on his facebook page, it was going to be delivered to me the following day. The pie looked so good and Chris had also made some of his delicious mushroom ketchup to accompany it. The recipe for the pie and the mushroom ketchup can be found on his blog here.

The hot water crust pastry surrounded an impressive selection of full English favourites. The filling consisted of Bubble and squeak, sausages mashed with fried smoked bacon lardons, boiled eggs, black pudding, and semi roasted tomatoes and mushrooms.

I cut the first slice and added a dollop of the mushroom ketchup. The mushroom ketchup I had tried before at Chris's Final Flourish breakfast. It has a fairly coarse texture and slightly tangy flavour, quite difficult to describe but really delicious and creamy.

 After the first slice all I could think about was the next slice, this pie was so delicious, easily the best pie I had ever had the pleasure of eating! I must admit that when I first read about the full English breakfast pie I was a bit concerned that although it looked great perhaps it wouldn't really work as a pie filling. I was soon proved wrong though as I tasted it for the first time, everything went together superbly and it tasted great served cold from the fridge.  

Semi roasted tomatoes and mushrooms were layered at the top of the pie, both really juicy and holding their flavours really well.

Further down the pie boiled eggs lay between a really tasty sausage and smoked bacon lardon mix and black pudding from my favourite butchers, Archers of Norwich. The bubble and squeak made a great base layer, it's always a bonus when served on a breakfast so it made sense to feature it in this pie.

 Having spent two days eating this pie I can say that the last slice was just as enjoyable as the first. Thanks so much to Chris for making this great pie for me and also sharing his expertise on his blog. Be sure to head over to Chris's blog and learn how to make this yourself.

One last shot of this great pie, it may now be gone but will never be forgotten!

Chris also kindly made my wife a vegetarian version, it looked amazing and she loved it!

The vegetarian version contained bubble and squeak, boiled egg, mushroom and tomatoes.


  1. Wow!..I'm a pie lover too and this is a must...the recipe is saved to my favourites. The veggie one looks great too. A slice would go great with a ploughmans lunch.

  2. I will state how the final piece had been just like pleasant since the very first.