Friday, 17 April 2015

The Woolpack - Ipswich

1 Tuddenham Road

Breakfast served daily
9.30am till 11.45am


Ipswich's oldest pub The Woolpack is about a 10 minute walk from the town centre on Tuddenham Road, it dates back to the 1600's.

It's a lovely traditional pub with plenty of tables to choose.

These old bottles took me back to when my dad used to collect them back in the 70's, I used to love looking through his collection.

The quality sauces set the scene for the breakfast that was about to arrive.

The cutlery arrived in a traditional tankard accompanied by a serviette.

A great cappuccino cost £2.20

The breakfast menu was on the bar, I couldn't manage to get a sneaky pic discreetly on my iphone so here's a screen shot instead.

The full English at The Woolpack is all about quality and a real pleasure to eat.

The meats are locally sourced from Artisan Butcher, all stunning!

The egg sits on top of the toast, I'm still kicking myself for not studying the menu in more detail and ordering the dripping toast.

The saute potatoes were so nice.

The stunning sausage and the wonderful moment the yolk seeps out.

I hadn't had much luck in the past trying to find a decent breakfast in Ipswich, the ones I had tried so far had been ok but I was looking for something much better. Thankfully I was given some help with a tip off that The Woolpack in Ipswich was where a decent breakfast was to be found. I stored it in the back of my mind for my next visit which happened whilst I was helping my wife at a makers market in the Corn Exchange. With her stall all set up I headed North of the town towards Tuddenham Road in search of The Woolpack..

Upon entering -  The Woolpack is a stunning looking building which dates back to the 1600's, outside it has a large seating area at the front, this looked perfect with the warmer weather fast approaching. As I stepped inside I was impressed with the traditional interior and welcoming feel of the pub. There are a choice of areas to sit in, I chose the large room towards the rear which felt spacious and had good enough light to take photos. Each table has sauces, salt and pepper already on it so once the food arrives you can get stuck in with everything already there in front of you. Place your order at the bar, tell them your table number and pay, hot drinks arrive next followed by cutlery and finally the food. Everything here felt well thought out, a simply ordering process and everything you need is there or brought over to you, it all flowed very nicely and the environment itself was really nice. 9/10

Service - The lady taking my order was really friendly, I ordered the full English breakfast with a cappuccino and paid at the bar. She asked me where I would be sitting and before long the cappuccino arrived at the table with a jar of brown sugar followed by a tankard of cutlery with a serviette. I was surprised at how quickly the breakfast arrived, I had barely sipped the froth from my cappuccino, not a problem though as I was really hungry. Whilst eating somebody came over to check everything was ok and asked if I needed anything else, on the way out I was thanked and bid goodbye. Very professional, friendly and efficient service was to be found here, always a bonus! 9/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 2 bacon, black pudding, 1 fried egg, mushrooms, saute potatoes, half a tomato, beans and buttered toast. 8/10

Presentation - Everything looked delicious when it arrived and the quality of the ingredients shone through. The placement of the toast seemed an unusual choice underneath the egg and beside the beans but for me not a problem as I always combine the three.The egg yolk left me wondering about it's consistency but once cut into I was delighted to see runny yolk flow freely. 7/10

The food - The sausage, bacon and black pudding used on this breakfast were all really delicious and very good quality, their choice of supplier was an excellent decision! The saute potatoes were amazing, the tomato tasted great and the mushrooms were spot on. The fried egg had a yolk that although slightly solid in places was nice and runny too, it went nicely on top of the white toasted bread with the beans. Certainly one of those breakfasts that is highly enjoyable from beginning to end, such a pleasure to eat! 9/10

Value for money - Despite how delicious and enjoyable it was I felt that £9 was a tad expensive, still money spent wisely though. 6/10

Veggie option - Tomatoes, fried eggs, mushrooms, saute potatoes, avocado, beans and toast for £8   

Overall - If you're looking for a decent breakfast in Ipswich then a visit to The Woolpack is most definitely needed. The stunning environment, great service and delicious ingredients used ensure you won't be disappointed. It's quite expensive and contains mainly single items but it still filled me up nicely and was such a joy to eat. Good quality meats are essential in creating a good breakfast and they can certainly be found here making this one very special indeed. 8/10


  1. Now that is a sausage, it looks great, the egg just a tad overdone for me, but half a slice of black pudding? I think for £9 I'd expect a bit more to be honest!

  2. It really is a great breakfast. There's kedgeree on the breakfast menu at the moment.....