Sunday 15 February 2015

Horatio Mugs - Holt

20 Bull Street
NR25 6HP

Horatio Mugs is in the town centre of Holt on Bull Street, not far from the post office.

Look out for the hand painted sign and you are nearly there.

 Place your order whilst admiring the vast selection of homemade cakes.

You can sit in the front area by the counter if you prefer.

 Further back are plenty more tables.

Local artist's work is displayed on the walls and is available to buy.

The artwork on the front of the menu, where it comes from is no secret!

I wasn't here to admire clip art though, the breakfast menu was the reason for my visit and it was looking very promising indeed!

The breakfast comes with a tea or filter coffee, I ordered a cappuccino and wasn't charged any extra which was nice.

I didn't notice the opening hours here and couldn't work it out online either due to there being no website or facebook page. One thing is for sure though, Sundays 10am till 4pm.

Ketchup comes in a pot and real butter is served in small packets.

This is the Full Nelson which costs £8.50

It was a big breakfast served on a huge plate.

The toast would have been better served on a side plate but just look at those sausages.

Excellent quality and stunning flavour.

 Beans in a pot and a nice pair of eggs.

 Both eggs had a nice runny yolk and I always ensure they are next to the beans, the perfect combination in my opinion but others may shudder at the very thought of this!

Well cooked bacon and nice tasty tomatoes.

Crispy hash browns and delicious mushrooms, I thoroughly enjoyed this breakfast.

 It was a big breakfast so I wrapped up a sausage in a tissue to eat later.

The veggie breakfast (£7.95) was enjoyed by my wife, she loved the veggie sausages but mentioned the poached eggs were slightly underdone.

Between Christmas and New Year my wife and I had briefly visited Holt and had tea and cake at Horatio Mugs Cafe. On that visit the breakfast menu had caught my eye and I was keen to return. With a trip to Amazona Zoo in Cromer planned we decided to go via Holt for breakfast..

Upon entering - This quaint coffee house is beautifully decorated and has natural light flooding in through the many window. Local artists work is displayed on the walls and is available to buy, you may not spot this straight away though as the delicious selection of homemade cakes on the counter will most likely hypnotise you! All the tables have menus, salt, pepper and sugar as well as fresh flowers on them, once you have decided what you would like place your order and pay at the counter. Everything including cutlery is brought to the table and sauces are offered too, these come in small pots. It was a lovely place to dine in and the large tables ensured there was enough space for everything once it arrived. 8/10

Service - We placed our order at the counter having secured a table, I didn't notice that the breakfasts included tea or filter coffee and ordered a cappuccino. It was only once I had sat down that I realised I wasn't charged any extra for having a cappuccino which was a nice touch. The waitress arrived with drinks and later the food in an acceptable amount of time after ordering, certainly an efficient and friendly enough service to be found here. 7/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 1 slice of black pudding, 2 fried eggs, 2 hash browns, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, 2 slices of toast with butter and a hot drink. 9/10

Presentation - The Full Nelson was served on a large round plate with the toast perched on top, I think the toast would have been better served on a side plate though. The food all looked great, a couple of crispy bits of egg white lay on top of the eggs and the tomatoes were looking a bit dark in places but other than this a breakfast that was looking good. 7/10

The food - Amazing sausages that were the highlight of this breakfast, certainly good quality and quite a rich, slightly herby flavour. I saved one for later as I was so full up and ate it whilst looking around the town, it was even nicer when eaten cold. The bacon was very smokey and well cooked, I ate it between some buttered toast with plenty of ketchup, delicious! The black pudding had a fairly smooth texture which was quite unusual but very nice indeed, I ate it with some of the nice rich tasting tomatoes, they looked quite pale but did taste great. The beans were piping hot, mushrooms spot on and the hash browns nice and crispy. An enjoyable breakfast from beginnning to end and plenty of it. 9/10

Value for money - The Full Nelson is a nice big breakfast that includes toast and a hot drink for £8.50. You probably won't be needing any lunch after this and the coffee house is a really nice environment to eat it in so worth every penny. 8/10

Veggie option - 2 veggie sausages, 2 eggs, 2 hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, toast and a hot drink for £7.95
Overall - I was really impressed with the breakfast here, a good size and served with some really nice sausages. It's not just the breakfasts here that make it worth a visit though, the homemade cakes are really impressive too and the slices are cut really generously. Great food, good service and a lovely little coffee shop to enjoy a breakfast in. 8/10


  1. Loving reading your reviews. Can I just ask you though, you get through a couple of these breakfasts a week, are you the size of a small continent?

    1. I only eat breakfast once a week and try and eat healthy food the rest of the time :-)

  2. Looks like they should apply to be in the new local directory of places to eat in North Norfolk -

  3. looks a quality breakfast, reckon i'd be pretty happy if that turned up at my table.

  4. It's reviews like this that make me think the bar is set a tiny bit too high for your 'recommended' status. Clearly a thoroughly great breakfast in a great place- it missed out due to a few dark spots on the tomatoes? Weren't you tempted to give it an extra 0.5?

    1. The final score is what it is, if it’s 8.5 or above it gets recommended. Gotta draw the line somewhere!