Sunday 14 December 2014

Sunny Side Up - Norwich

118 Hall Road

Limited parking spaces outside
Breakfast served all day
Opening hours
Monday to Friday
7am till 2pm
Saturday and Sunday
8am till 2pm

Sunny Side Up can be found near the Co-op on Hall Road.

 Loving the traditional gingham table cloths and nicely spaced out tables.

The new menu is coming soon but the existing one had plenty of options.

The edits to the menu made a lot of sense, tomatoes and mushrooms are a must.

Branded sauces and a classic sugar dispenser on each table.

The coffee was fairly standard instant like I drink at home, it's included in the price of the breakfast though and bottomless during December!

I can never decide between toast or bread, no dilemmas here though as you get both.

Stunning!! It almost seemed a shame to destroy this breakfast masterpiece but it had to be done, lets take a closer look first though.

Crispy hash browns and a trio of juicy mushrooms.

 Perfect fried eggs and fried bread.

Not too much juice in the beans or tomatoes and great sausage and bacon.

118 Hall Road is becoming a familiar sight, I visited when it was Birchy's Diner a couple of years ago awarding it a recommended sticker for an excellent breakfast. It then closed and became Hall Road Diner which meant revisiting again and although still good it didn't quite score high enough for recommended. As soon as I saw it had recently been taken over and was re-named and under new management I knew it was time to revisit again. Keen to try out the breakfast I decided to call in before work..

Upon entering - The layout inside remains the same which works really well, tables either side and the counter and kitchen at the far end. The yellow gingham table cloths look great and brighten it up nicely, I love the new name too, the new sign had only recently been put up. New menus are available soon but the existing menus have an excellent choice for any appetite, vegetarians and those looking for a healthy option. Each table has a menu, sauces, sugar, salt and pepper, cutlery is found close to the till. Place your order and pay at the counter, collect your drink and take a seat, once the food is ready it will be brought over. The cafe had a nice friendly atmosphere, a great place to read your paper over a coffee and enjoy breakfast. 8/10

Service - The staff were really friendly and helpful, I placed my order and was told about the current discount on large and bumper fry ups. The toast arrived first followed by the breakfast, I was told during the breakfast that bottomless coffee was available if I wanted anymore. 8/10

Contents - The bumper breakfast consisted of.. 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 fried eggs, 2 hash browns, fried bread, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, 1 slice of toast, 1 slice of bread and a hot drink. 8/10

Presentation - Visually stunning and I would say the most perfect looking breakfast I have ever been served! Everything sat incredibly neatly on the plate, a breakfast masterpiece served by somebody who very clearly cares about good presentation. Some may have problems with the beans touching the egg but I always eat them together so not an issue in the slighest for me. 10/10 

The food - Decent pork sausages with nice firm texture and great bacon, both tasted really good and were nicely cooked. The fried bread was exactly how I like it, golden and crunchy but not holding too much oil. The fried eggs could have been entered into a competition and easily won, they were that perfect! It's been a while now since I've eaten tinned tomatoes and I do really like them, these were served perfectly intact with no excess juice. The beans were in a good quantity of juice, the hash browns were crunchy and the mushrooms delicious. The combination of toast and bread was a great touch and the entire breakfast was a real pleasure to eat, I wouldn't have wanted it served any other way! 10/10

Value for money - The listed price for the bumper breakfast was £6.50, I paid £6 though as it's on special offer until Christmas 2014 and also currently includes bottomless tea or coffee. This was a bargain for such an amazing breakfast! 9/10

Veggie option - 3 different sized veggie breakfasts (see photo)

Overall - The new owners have certainly created something special here with Sunny Side Up. The beautifully presented traditional breakfast and the friendly welcome found here puts 118 Hall Road back in the recommended section once again! I noticed after ordering that black pudding is available as an extra and they also make their own bubble and squeak, I look forward to returning to try these soon. Excellent work Sunny Side Up, keep up the good work! 9/10

- Update, 31st December 2014 -

I returned again today for my final breakfast of 2014, this time I ordered black pudding too, another amazing breakfast!

My wife ordered and really enjoyed the medium vegetarian breakfast.

- Update, June 2018 -

Prices here have hardly risen in four years, the value for money here is still excellent as was the service. 

Today I chose the large breakfast and added bubble & squeak and black pudding as extras. It included a hot drink and everything came to just £7.84, definitely worth every penny!

As always the fried eggs were perfect, a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast!


  1. Thank you so much for your great write up! We hope to have you back as The Roast Inspector in the near future :)


  2. Dam good roast , loved it 😁

  3. Well thats pretty much a perfect brekko, I prefer tinned tomatoes, be saving this place to my phone.

  4. Visited this cafe about a month ago so no sure if they have changed their bacon supplier since then as it was thin and not too nice but it was the only thing I left , The warm welcome and beautifully presented breakfast gets the thumbs up though, The only thing I didnt enjoy was that terrible din that is Heart radio that was difficult to ignore, I`m sure some people love it though so each to their own !!

  5. Love this place. Quality food/ friendly staff/ Good value

  6. We went to Sunny Side Up this morning. One large breakfast and my wife had a bacon sandwich all for under a tenner. Fantastic start to the weekend!