Tuesday 16 December 2014

Grosvenor Fish Bar - Norwich

28 Lower Goat Lane

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday
11am till 7pm

Grosvenor Fish Bar can be found on the corner of Lower Gate Lane and Pottergate in the centre of Norwich Lanes. I decided to feature it on my blog as it's my favourite fish and chip shop and somewhere I regularly stop off at for some lunch in Norwich when I'm not inspecting breakfasts. I'm certainly not alone in thinking this, it's been voted #1 out of 660 restaurants in Norwich on Trip Advisor

The first photo was taken when they had just opened at 11am and it took me ages to get a shot with no people in it. The reality of Grosvenor Fish Bar though is far better captured in this shot, this place is very popular and well worth queuing up for. The team working here will ensure you are not waiting for too long though, they are excellent at forward planning and often somebody greets your and takes your order whilst you are queuing. This ensures the food is either being cooked or ready when you reach the counter. The staff here are also more than happy for you to take a seat and they will bring over the food when it's ready.

For me it is always a tough decision between fish..

and sausages in batter or saveloy. 

I love the £3.50 daily special of battered sausage, chips, mushy peas and a bread roll. You can have the peas in a pot if you prefer and choose gravy or curry sauce instead. There are a good selection of other daily specials ranging from the popular Big Mack (crispy mackerel fillet in a salad roll with tartare sauce) to waco taco (steamed Mexican spiced cod wrapped with salad, sour cream cheese and salsa)

Cod and chips is another favourite of mine, really delicious and served with a wedge of lemon.

Grosvenor Fish Bar is about so much more than just the great food they serve though. The staff are incredibly efficient, friendly and welcoming and the place has so much character. The stylish interior makes it really stand out from the crowd with traditional lighting, beautifully illuminated window displays, stripy paper straws and a "gone fishing" sign displayed when its closed. You can take a seat by the window and even take your food over to the Birdcage Pub opposite and eat it there if you like. If you head downstairs though a hidden gem is revealed..

This giant illuminated G welcomes you to the bunker.

 There are plenty of tables down in the bunker for you to sit at and enjoy your food.

 Salt, vinegar and Tabasco sauce can be found on each table.

I discovered this American chip spice on my last visit, delicious!

They close at around 7ish in the evening so be sure to get there in time to experience great food and a warm welcome. Christian and his team have certainly created  somewhere much more special than your average chippy!

 Update - August 2015

This has become one of my favourites recently, the Big Mack. A crispy mackerel fillet in a roll with lettuce and tartare sauce, I always have it with chips too, delicious! I often eat mine on the grass outside the Grosvenor, today though I headed into the Birdcage opposite and enjoyed it with a drink.



  1. That chippy looks amazing! Even though I live miles away I'm tempted to find an excuse to make the journey just to try their grub .... and that's coming from somebody whose family used to own a decent chippy, too.

  2. I wish they would cater to the vegetarians here in norwich. They said they were thinking of it but it never happened. Come on, fry in something other than animal fat.

    1. Stafford Street chippy doesn't fry in animal fat and is very good.

  3. Norwich chippys seem remarkably resistant to the concept of frying in vegetable oil. When I visit friends in Lancashire, they're amazed to hear that there are still only a handful of chippys here not using lard/dripping. Not only is it repellent to veggies, it coats the inside of your mouth with a layer of grease. Groundnut oil makes things fried in it taste even better, lard does not (in my humble opinion).

  4. Great to see a fish shop doing mackerel (ala Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall), its such an underrated fish, just like pollock which is excellent battered. I too have recently discovered chip sprinkle, my daughter bought me some last christmas as part of a Nando's gift set but I only tried it a few weeks ago...I'm hooked now!