Monday, 8 September 2014

Ruth's Kitchen - Norwich

- Special Feature - 

39 Magdalen Street

Opening hours
Monday - Saturday
8.30am till 5.00pm


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Many months ago I noticed that 39 Magdalen Street was being beautifully transformed into Ruth's Kitchen, somewhere offering Jerusalem street food. When I am not out looking for the next best fry up I try to eat fairly healthily and I watched in interest as Ruth's Kitchen got closer to completion. I love trying different foods from around the world and always search for traditional street food when visiting another country. Luckily for me Ruth's Kitchen were bringing Jerusalem street food to Norwich! A few days after they opened I headed along to see what was on offer..

The display cabinet tempts you with a selection of salad items and dips.

I wanted to try everything on the menu but on this visit I decided to go for the all day Jerusalem breakfast. Look at the menu in more detail here

 The single origin El Salvador coffee was excellent!

First to arrive was a delicious homemade homous and some chick peas.

 The fresh buttered granary bread arrived next, they also offer pitta bread with the breakfast.

 The Jerusalem breakfast has a nice selection of fresh items that tasted great together. Tuna & mayonaisse, aubergine & mayonaise, fresh salad, olives, aubergine fried in olive oil and a pair of nicely fried eggs.  

We also tried some labaneh cheese with zaatah, superb texture and devine flavour.

Before leaving I was offered to try Ruth's Koftage, 100% meat and made using Ruth's recipe by Pickerings. A kotfe kebab transformed into a sausage with stunning flavour and a good balance of herbs.

A number of things were immediatly apparent on my first visit, the staff here are clearly very passionate about the food they are serving and keen to offer the best Jerusalem street food possible. They are very happy to talk you through the ingredients being used and can advice you on what combinations work best. The shop itself has been finished beautifully, everything has been handmade to a very high standard, even the large tiles on the wall were imported from Jerusalem! I will certainly be returning here again soon, a taste of Jerusalem in Norwich and done so well, go give them a look!


  1. I wanted to love this place, but can't. The coffee was awful, they have the beans but not the training. Several things on the online menu weren't on in the shop. The bread was stodgy and doughy, and the mains lacked any flavour or seasoning. Although the staff were really nice, they was no organisation in the open plan kitchen and it wasn't even busy. And look at that cheap plastic plate the dish is served on, I'm fine with a disposable dish but many street food places use much better things than that, it looks like jelly and ice cream should be served on it at a kids party! I'll give it another go and see if things are better now, but the falafel at moorish is substantially better.

  2. That cheese looks great, and good hummus is always a winner. Its certainly an interesting brekko, I've never had tuna mayo and fried eggs together, but I'd give it a go, but with pitta, not buttered bread. I'd like to know what the lamb shawarma is is like.

  3. Wow anonymous, I'm impressed that you managed to try all of the mains including falafel in one sitting...

    @TheScouseassassin - If you like lamb, you must try the shawarma, it's mildly spiced deliciousness! I disagree with anonymous, i have had the pleasure of trying most of the food and have never been disappointed. It's all seasoned and spiced according to ancient authentic recipes with a Ruth's kitchen twist.

    1. Well I'm sold, must make Norwich my next day out.

  4. I popped into this place on Saturday. I will be going back again and again! Unsure of what to order I was presented with take-away options based on my preferences. Food was fantastic and reasonable priced. As mentioned in the article all the staff seemed very passionate about the food, especially the lady who cooked my falafels (Ruth?). Would I recommend? Absolutely.

  5. We popped in last week and loved it. A welcome change. Went back again today with our daughter and all enjoyed the superb healthy food. Good value and the best cup of coffee in Norwich !

  6. Magdalen Street is becoming a mecca for good world wide fresh exciting foods - - I tried Ruth's this week, the menu choice is great and exciting - the food good. It does lack presentation and I do hate eating of plastic with plastic - Cutlery and real plates please. Can't wait to try more stuff there. Certainly worth a visit and there's not many places I'll go back to.