Monday 1 September 2014

F.U.I publicity and news articles

On my search for fry up perfection I have sometimes been featured on other blogs, websites, the news and even on a menu! Here is a list of places I have been featured so far..

 June 2011 - BBC Look East, click here

July 2014 - The menu at Pandora's Kitchen, click here

August 2014 - Life in a Fine City, click here 

August 2014 - BBC News, click here 

August 2014 - The Telegraph, click here

August 2014 - Buzzfeed, click here

August 2014 - The Mail Online, click here

 August 2014 - Daily Star, click here 

August 2014 - Metro, click here

August 2014 -, click here

 The publicity in August 2014 resulted in a massive increase in pageviews on the blog. Each month I try to beat the previous month's pageviews, September 2014 is going to be impossible though! Many thanks to everyone that was involved with the above articles and of course everybody that visits the blog. The search for perfection continues..

 September 2014 - The Pixel Chef, click here

December 2014 - 925 Rebellion, click here 

January 2015 - Esquire, click here

January 2015 - EDP, click here 

January 2015 - Future Radio Interview, click here 

February 2016 - Evening News and EDP articles, click here.

 August 2016 - LostIn article. The six best London fry ups for six particular occasions, click here.

January 2019 - Vice article on beans touching eggs, click here.

January 2019 - Evening News article, click here.
February 2019 - Fry Up Inspector short film made by Norfolk On Film.



  1. I discovered this blog thanks to the BBC article and I'm so glad I did! I love reading your reviews. I'm looking forward to seeing which cafe you visit on your next trip to Northampton. I would recommend Nanna's Kitchen in Kettering Road or Are You Being Served in St Giles Street if you haven't already planned where to eat.

    1. Thanks for your recommendations, I will try to visit them when I return to Northampton again.

  2. Well done sir! Whilst your objective appears to be the "search for perfection", as you put it, but have your efforts resulted in any vendors raising their game?

    1. On many occasions establishments have made changes based on recommendations I have made in my reviews. I like it when this happens as it shows they care about their customers needs :-)

  3. Absolutely! Our experience over the last 6 months suggests that a good fry-up in Cambridge is very hard to find. But there are lots of poor to average ones. It would be nice if we could help change that somehow. I suspect the answer is to encourage more people to partake and to care about what they're being served up.

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