Sunday 18 May 2014

The Muddy Cup - Norwich

(Under new ownership, read the latest review here)

12 Distillery Square

Opening hours
Monday to Friday - 8am till 5pm
Saturday - 9am till 5pm
Sunday - 9am till 4pm

Breakfast served all day

The Muddy Cup had recently opened in Distillery Square.

Inside had quite a traditional/kitsch look.

On a day like this though we couldn't resist sitting outside in the sunshine.

The menu offered a good selection of breakfast options, I was hungry so went for the Muddy Cup breakfast with two of everything for £7.

First the drinks arrived, the stripey paper straws in the orange juice was a nice touch!

Another nice touch was the tasty little biscuit that came with the filter coffee.

The cutlery arrived in a hessian pouch complete with serviette.

 Quality Heinz ketchup and no mistaking the salt and pepper!

 I was really impressed when the food arrived.

Here it is from a different angle.

The really big sausages were "Old Norfolk" variety from P.B George next door, they tasted amazing.

Bacon and egg cupcakes made a nice change, I really liked them.

 The hash browns were a tad soft on the outside but tasted great with a hint of onion.

The fried bread was light and crispy, perfect to dip into the egg yolks.

The veggie breakfast cost £5.25

The Muddy Cup had recently opened in Distillery Square (off Dereham Road) and I was keen to visit for breakfast. With the sun shining outside my wife and I headed to Distillery Square to see what was on offer..

Upon entering - There are a selection of tables inside and more can be found outside, we chose to sit outside today as the sun was shining. The interior has a nice traditional/kitsch look with wooden tables and bright blue chairs, there is also a two seater sofa if you fancy getting more comfortable with your coffee. There is full table service so place your order at the counter giving your table number. The cutlery and a serviette arrives in a hessian pouch, a biscuit comes with the coffee and a stripey paper straw with the orange juice, all nice little touches! 8/10

Service - The friendly staff team made us very welcome and ensured we were well looked after. We placed our order when we arrived and took a seat outside, first the drinks arrived and the food followed shortly after that along with cutlery, salt and pepper. We were offered sauces and asked if everything was ok during the meal. By the time we left the cafe was filling up with customers and the staff were keeping on top of things nicely. 9/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 bacon and egg cupcakes, 2 hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and fried bread. 9/10

Presentation - The breakfast certainly looked impressive when it arrived with the large sausages following the curve of the plate beautifully. This was the first time I had been served bacon and egg cupcakes, they looked great and sat proudly in the centre of the plate. The tomatoes and mushrooms looked delicious and the beans were served in a separate pot, this was handy as I wanted them on top of some fried bread and I was able to pour them on easily. A sprig of parsley on top of the egg finished it off nicely. 9/10

The food - I loved the "Old Norfolk" sausages from the butchers next door, P B George. They were a very generous sized sausage cooked nicely with an excellent texture and stunning flavour. The bacon and eggs baked together seemed to work really well, both yolks were nice and runny allowing me to dip the fried bread into them. Fried bread often seems so full of oil but the way this had been lightly fried produced a nice light crunch. I like finding a hint of onion inside hash browns and this is just what I found here, they were not as crunchy on the outside as I like but they did taste great. The beans were piping hot, the deep red tomatoes were full of flavour and the chunky cut mushrooms were nicely cooked and delicious. A great breakfast that was a real pleasure to eat! 9/10

Value for money - The large Muddy Cup breakfast cost £7 and was well worth it, especially with such amazing sausages! Coffee was just £1, this included a small biscuit and orange juice was just 70p. 9/10

Veggie option - Quorn sausage, free range egg, hash brown, beans, tomato, mushrooms, toast or fried bread. £5.25

Overall - Sitting outside here in the sunshine eating this excellent breakfast was a great way to start the day. It felt relaxing here and the friendly staff knew what needed doing and were doing it very efficiently. There are now lots of places in Norwich to go for a decent breakfast and The Muddy Cup is one of them. The bacon and egg cupcakes make a nice change and the "Old Norfolk" sausages just have to be tried. A great place that is definitely worth visiting for breakfast! 9/10


  1. Sounds good, with decent veggie options too. Slightly offputting choice of name though (or is it just me?)...

  2. Just had the best cooked breakfast I've ever had. I was a bit surprised at £7 for the large breakfast.....until the food arrived. was absolutely delicious and worth every penny. The service was excellent. I'll definitely be back there. Check it'll be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Went here with the kids today after your recommendation. Great quality food with lovely details at a very reasonable price. Lovely staff too. Will definitely go again.

  4. I went there with a few friends when I last visited Norwich from London. We often meet up for breakfast when I am back and have tried a few places in Norwich but this is the best by far.

    The food was fantastic, our juices came served in old jam jars and the cutlery in an Hessian pouch (all nice little touches). I highly recommend this place and will certainly be back again when visiting.

  5. Had a lovely afternoon there with a couple of friends...we all had something different, american pancakes with mapel syrup and bacon (huge plate full), eggs benedictine, amazing, and bacon and egg triple sandwich on granary with Heinz tomatoe ketchup. All gorgeous! Finished off with tea and victoria sandwich. I will defintaely go back!

  6. Not sure about the bacon/egg cups but worth a try...those sausages though...they look amazing!

  7. I went along today and had a really lovely breakfast, but was slightly disappointed that they didn't do the little egg and bacon cupcakes, the girl working there had never even heard of them! I had been looking forward to trying them ever since I saw this blog, but obviously I was too late!

    1. I will try and find out more about this Annie, cheers!

  8. Agree with everything the Inspector and people who've commented say about the ambience and quality of the food but when I went there on Saturday 8th August it took 45 MINS from ordering for the food to arrive. When it did arrive it wasn't as piping hot as you might expect for the length of time spent waiting. What ARE they doing in the kitchen ?

    It must be by far the longest wait I've ever experienced for a fry-up and I think I'd rather sacrifice a little quality for speedier service elsewhere. A pity.

  9. The breakfast looks good but I have to say I am not a fan of the bacon wrapped around the egg like a cupcake school. I prefer the bacon on it's own and a bit crispier looking than this one. Overall though it looks like a good brekky.

  10. So sad my favourite breakfast spot is now no longer :( It seems management changes has left it for the worse. From a chef not sure how to do a poached egg, dirty tables, no decaf option on request and under parr customer service. Such a shame.

  11. So sad my favourite breakfast spot is now no longer :( It seems management changes has left it for the worse. From a chef not sure how to do a poached egg, dirty tables, no decaf option on request and under parr customer service. Such a shame.