Saturday 3 May 2014

Recommended window stickers

Back in 2013 the chef at Pandora's Kitchen in Norwich came up with the idea of a window sticker that could be given to places that I recommended on my blog. I loved the idea and had some made up, these were given to my favourite places and I have continued to do so ever since. Some I hand delivered, giving away my identity and others I posted. About two thirds of the places I sent them to put them up on their windows and they have continued to appear on my favourite breakfast establishments ever since.

Do I qualify for a recommended sticker?
Window stickers are only given to places that have an overall score of at least 8.5/10

How do I get the sticker?
Contact me at requesting one and I will send one to you.

How do I put it up?
It is a window cling so a little moisture will help it cling to the window and stick nicely once dry, watch out for air bubbles when applying it though.

Is there any benefit from having a window sticker?
Yes, Between 35000-40000 visit every month and the recommended section is featured weekly on facebook and twitter. It showcases the places that most people reading the blog are likely to visit for breakfast.

Norwich establishments feature on the hand drawn recommended trail map.

Who is currently displaying a recommended sticker?

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