Monday 23 December 2013

Smiths of Smithfield - London

67-77 Charterhouse Street

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday  7am - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday  9.30am - 5pm

Nearest Tube - Farringdon

Smiths is directly opposite Smithfield market on Charterhouse Street.

It is a few minutes walk from Farringdon station.

 Smiths is a grade II listed building that covers four floors.

The ground floor is where the breakfast is served, it looks stunning and is really spacious.

The bar runs along the back wall.

Beside the bar is the open plan kitchen which looks out onto the dining area.

The entire menu can be seen here.

 An impressive condiment rack with quality brand sauces.

Nice chunky cutlery.

 A really nice mug of cappuccino cost £2.50

 A good selection of delicious items filled the plate nicely.

It was nice to see a breakfast that came with black pudding and bubble.

I liked the egg being served on top of the toast, it saved me putting it there myself.

 The quality sausage tasted amazing with a great texure.

 This is the veggie breakfast which costs £7

We were off to London to see some bands at the Garage in Highbury which was the perfect excuse to arrive in London nice and early for breakfast. Smiths of Smithfield had been recommended to me back in the summer so I was keen to give it a look myself..

Upon entering - Smiths is a four storey restaurant inside a huge grade II listed building, it is very spacious inside with a number of seating options available. Choose from square or round tables that seat up to four or much longer tables with benches which are perfect for larger groups to dine together. The modern interior is beautifully designed with a distinct industrial feel, with exposed brickwork, iron girders and overhead pipework. The menu is simple and beautifully designed and the condiment rack contains everything your need, both are found on each table. There is full table service here so once seated just sit back and enjoy. The light levels vary depending on where you sit, we sat in quite a dark area which ordinarily would be fine, for taking photos though it wasn't ideal. I had to lighten the photos afterwards which I felt didn't do the food justice. 9/10

Service - We were delighted with the service here, very efficent, helpful and friendly. We were greeted when we first arrived and told to sit wherever we wanted, shortly afterwards our drink order was taken with a smile. We placed our food order and we were asked how we wanted our eggs. When we asked for more butter it arrived very quickly and when I asked the nearest way back to the station the nice person serving us went to find out for me. The service couldn't have been any better, it is always so nice to be made to feel this welcome. 10/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 1 bacon, black pudding, 1 fried egg, bubble, mushrooms, half a grilled tomato, beans and a slice of toast. 9/10

Presentation - The food arrived with an impressive and varied selection of items neatly filling the large round plate. The bacon and sausage sat together on one side of the plate and the other side contained a circular trio of tomato, black pudding and bubble. The fried egg lay nicely on top of a whole slice of toast with a generous serving of mushrooms below merging into a sea of beans. 9/10

The food - The chunky sausage was good quality with excellent texture and the bacon nice and smokey, both tasted sensational. The black pudding was fairly standard and complimented the flavoursome tomato nicely. The egg had a nice runny yolk but the toast I felt did need some butter, I am not certain if it was already buttered but I added some more. I really liked the bubble with its smooth centre and golden crisp outer edge. The beans were piping hot and the mushrooms tasted great. 9/10

Value for money - Breakfast "Number two" cost £9 and contains all of the essential breakfast items. Tea and coffee costs between £2 - £2.50. So fairly expensive for a breakfast but considering how nice it was and the great service I felt it was money spent wisely. 7/10

Veggie option - Egg, tomato, beans, bubble, spinach, mushrooms and toast for £7

Overall - A fantastic spacious environment to enjoy a delicious breakfast, combine this with the excellent service and you know this is somewhere you will want to visit again. It was nice to see the items that are often overlooked on a breakfast; bubble and black pudding. The only thing I would have loved to have seen was a slice of fried bread but with so many other boxes being ticked here I left a very happy customer. 9/10

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