Tuesday 13 August 2013

Sergeant sausage takes a look at Kenny's Cafe

Sergeant Sausage: Kenny’s Kafe

The Inspector had passed a special investigation to me as questions were being asked about new suppliers and chefs at Kenny’s.  They didn’t fair to well on the last inspection, so he was sending me in, undercover, to check out the form.

Kenny’s is on Concorde Road, part of the Vulcan Road Industrial Estate

A large bright space for dining


A good range of homely Café food

Mega Breakfast please

 Everything on the table that you could possibly want

Mug of tea served at the counter, teabag included


A good looking plate of breakfast

The sausages and hash browns were pretty good  

A nice runny yolk in there

A lovely forkful

Save the best for last


Weirdly, the Colmans was not Colmans!

Upon entering –  An industrial unit converted into a Café, Kenny’s has plenty of parking outside and looks like it does well off the local trade.  I had never been there before so it was nice to find myself in a large, spacious room all laid out with matching tablecloths.  I counted 40 covers, noted a little chill out zone with sofas down the far end of the room and a telly on the wall showing sport. I thought the carpet was a bit worn, but it didn’t really affect my investigation, and shows a good foot fall. All the tables were well laid out and had the cutlery on them, which is a nice touch as it saves you forgetting to pick some up on your way past.  I didn’t see any menus on the tables so headed for the counter and took in the rather vast blackboard. The mega breakfast seemed the obvious choice and I was intrigued by the choice of tomatoes or beans, or one of three types of bread (toast or bread and butter or fried bread), but failed to spot the extras sign. Perhaps inspired by the cycling on the telly I plumped for toast.   9/10

Service – A welcoming smile from the lady behind the counter put me at ease and the staff were very friendly. I didn’t really feel under pressure and there was a nice atmosphere.  A few people who were obviously regulars passed through and it was all good banter.  A delivery service is offered to local units by the sound of things.  The mega breakfast arrived quickly and it looked good   9/10

Contents – 2 Bacon, 2 sausage, 2 eggs, 2 hash browns, mushrooms, beans, toast, tea  8/10

Presentation –  It looked great on the plate, those bangers looked thick and juicy and everything looked well cooked. I’ve not seen eggs cooked that way before, but I could see the yolks were plump and runny. A fried slice or a chuck of black pudding would have set it off perfectly  9/10

The food – I normally go in for the mushrooms as first taste, but for some reason chose the beans. Recently I’ve been served a lot of tepid beans and I wanted to be sure if it was just me, but these beans were so hot they burnt my mouth! Not badly I add, but it was a surprise.  I think they were fresh from the microwave, rather than properly stewed (which is my favourite).  The mushrooms were okay, cooked well and served their purpose.  I found the catering bacon perfectly adequate and nicely done. The hash browns were really crispy on the outside and a little soggy on the inside, but they were okay and mixed in nicely with everything else. Those big old sausages had really caught my eye and they had a good texture and flavour, the only thing that slightly distracted me was the ratio of pork to breadcrumbs, and the breadcrumbs definitely came through.  The eggs went straight onto the toast and again they were okay, though the whites were a little lacking in flavour.   7/10

Value for money –  £5.50 seemed a fair price for the mega breakfast. There was a fair amount of it and it did the job. I left satisfied 8/10

Veggie option
–  Yes, although it was the cooked breakfast without meaty items. And a choice of fried slice or toast.

Overall –  I liked Kenny’s,  They are well placed and know their market well.  It felt like a good place to eat if you were nearby. The food was well cooked and presented and in good proportions, but it just lacked that little extra that would have made it a nine.  I felt that the quality is all school dinners rather than free range, but this is a well run business and that’s what came through for me.  Kenny’s does what it does well. 8/10

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