Monday, 15 July 2013

Jamie's Italian - Gatwick Airport

North Terminal (airside)
London Gatwick Airport

Breakfast served all day everyday

Jamie's Italian has recently opened in Gatwick's North Terminal.

It can be found on the upper floor of the departure lounge.

The spacious and nicely designed interior can seat a lot of hungry passengers.

A departure screen will ensure you won't miss your flight.

A member of staff will show you to a table when you arrive.

The King brown sauce was really tasty with a sweet and slightly tangy flavour.

The breakfasts are served all day and there is a good veggie option available.

 I started off with a really nice cappuccino.

Ice cold water was offered so I accepted.

This was a first for me, the breakfast is served in the large pan it is cooked in with the items placed quite randomly. It all looked great and arrived at the table piping hot.

There was a good selection of items on this breakfast and everything tasted really good.

The Burford Brown eggs had a lovely deep yellow yolk.

This hugely enjoyable breakfast kept me going until the evening

Black pudding is always a welcome sight on a breakfast and the golden potatoes and sticky onions complimented each other perfectly.

My wife had the veggie monty with poached eggs, I tried some of the veggie haggis which tasted amazing.

Before heading to Gatwick I had discovered Jamie's Italian had opened since I was last at the airport. I had eaten at Jamie's Italian in Norwich and really enjoyed the food but remembered feeling a tad disappointed that they didn't serve breakfast. This was not the case at Gatwick though where an all day breakfast is available. As soon as we were in the departure lounge we headed upstairs and entered Jamie's Italian..

Upon entering - You will spot a "wait to be seated" sign when you enter, somebody will then show you to a table and give you a menu. Once seated you will be taken care of by the waiting staff who will take your order and bring everything over when it is ready. Each table has salt and pepper, sauces are brought over before the food arrives. It is a really big restaurant with plenty of nicely spaced out tables, some looking out onto the airport apron outside. A departures screen inside the restaurant ensures you can keep an eye on any flight updates. Lots of natural wood and classic tiles make up the clean, traditional and stunning interior. It is a nice relaxing environment to enjoy a meal before boarding your flight. 9/10

Service - As soon as we arrived a waitress showed us to a table informing us that the cooked breakfast experience can take up to 30 minutes, this was not a problem as we had plenty of time to spare. Our order was taken efficiently within 5 minutes of arriving and we were offered some ice cold water, the sauces and drinks arrived first and within about 20 minutes the food arrived. When we had finished we simply asked for the bill, paid and we were on our way again. The whole process was smooth and the staff were really friendly and efficient. 9/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 slices of black pudding, 2 fried eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, golden potatoes, sticky onions and beans. 9/10

Presentation - This was the first time I had been served a breakfast in the pan it was cooked in. When it was placed in front of me I knew staight away I was about to eat something really nice. The random placement of the items in the pan was very appropriate for the way it was cooked and although very different to the standard presentation I thought it worked beautifully. 9/10

The food - The juicy free range sausages had an excellent texture and flavour, each one laying on top of a rasher of delicious crispy smoked bacon. The large Burford brown eggs stretched out across the pan with deep yellow yolks which poured out nicely when I cut into them. The black pudding slices were crispy with a nice coarse texture and the flavoursome roasted tomatoes accompanied them beautifully. The small golden potato chunks covered in sticky onions were delicious and the perfect sauce to go with these was the King brown sauce. The field mushrooms tasted great and the organic baked beans finished off this hugely enjoyable breakfast perfectly. 9/10

Value for money - £9.75 seems expensive for a breakfast considering toast and a drink will cost you extra. That said though airport prices are always higher and I walked away feeling full up and really impressed with what I had just eaten, money spent wisely in my opinion! 8/10

Veggie option - Crispy veggie haggis, 2 eggs, golden potatoes and sticky onions, roast tomatoes, field mushrooms and organic baked beans for £8.50.

Overall - I have eaten at many airport restaurants over the years and this was by far the best experience so far. The pan cooked breakfast looked and tasted amazing, combining this with the excellent service and relaxing environment makes Jamie's Italian an essential place to stop off for breakfast next time you are passing through Gatwick. 9/10


  1. The veggie version looks great! Any idea if the Norwich branch are planning to start doing breakfasts one day? Having eaten there once and decided not to repeat the experience, it might tempt me back..

  2. I can't see the Norwich branch doing breakfast as they open at lunchtime, would be great if they did though! I have visited the Norwich branch twice for dinner and really enjoyed it especially the plank feast.

  3. I wish to visit there once.

  4. i actually try this recipe once when i went to my husband home town ,also tried to cooking it (my mother inlaw thought me) well its very delicous and also tasty meal indeed

  5. £9.75 is a bargain compared to the local hotels (Sofitel at £17.95).....and if it's good (which Sofitel very definitely isn't) then it's an absolute bargain.

  6. The veggie option looks good BUT they've far exceeded the acceptable ratio of beans to potatoes.

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  8. I had this yesterday at Gatwick and consindering it was Jamie Oliver and Airport prices thought it was excellent value and delicious..

  9. bene il suo pasto molto deliziosa e anche gustoso infatti