Tuesday 2 July 2013

Food Lovers - Aylsham, Norfolk

3 Penfold Street
NR11 6ET

Breakfast served all day

It was nearly 11.30am and I was wondering how long they were serving breakfast till, this sign soon put my mind at rest though!

 Food Lovers is about a minutes walk from Aylsham market place.

 Sitting outside is an option but we headed inside.

 The homemade cakes and pastries looked really nice.

There was a large seating area to the rear but I didn't  manage to get a photo. This gives you an idea on the traditional look inside.

The full breakfast was missing some key items and no vegetarian option is a rare sight these days.

The picture on the menu was just how it looked when it arrived.

 A nice condiment selection and flowers too.

 A good cappuccino with impressive frothy head for just £1.80

Toast comes with the breakfast but the butter (listed on the menu) tasted suspiciously like spread to me!

 Tomatoes and mushrooms would have made a big difference to this breakfast.

The bacon was delicious but the sausages were quite greasy inside. 

A fantastic pair of fried eggs with nice runny yolks.

My wife went for poached eggs and beans on toast as there was no full "veggie" breakfast alternative available.

Ketchup arrived in tiny pots, slightly better than satchets but nothing beats a bottle on the table.

With a week off work I was keen to visit Aylsham Auction in the hope of picking up some vinyl bargains. On this occasion the bidding went higher than I was willing to pay but I was in Aylsham for another reason, time for some breakfast...

Upon entering - It was quite warm and we were tempted to sit outside but eventually we opted to sit inside where there is a main seating area and further tables beside the window. It is nice and light inside and feels spacious with traditional decor and furnishings. Each table has a menu and condiment selection complete with flowers. Somebody came and took our order and brought everything over when it was ready, ketchup is available on request. 8/10

Service - The service here was friendly but a tad slow, we waited quite a long time for somebody to take our order leaving us wondering if you were supposed to order at the counter. Everything once ordered arrived in good time and we paid at the counter on our way out. 6/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 fried eggs, beans and toast & butter. 4/10

Presentation - Everything arrived neatly placed on the plate looking nicely cooked. 8/10

The food - I really enjoyed the quality bacon with crispy rind and the perfect pair of fried eggs with lovely runny yolks. The sausages were good quality but seemed to be holding a lot of oil, this effected the flavour and texture leaving me questioning if I was enjoying them or not. The beans were piping hot and the toast was nice but the butter tasted more like spread to me. 6/10

Value for money - The full breakfast cost £5.95 but felt a bit incomplete without mushrooms and tomatoes, however considering the nice environment and quality ingredients used the price seemed fairly reasonable. 5/10

Veggie option - No
Overall - A lovely place to sit and eat with friendly service, I imagine the homemade quiches and cakes are the best option if visiting Food Lovers. The breakfast although nicely presented using quality ingredients seemed too incomplete, some mushrooms and tomatoes would have made a big difference. A "full veggie breakfast" option would make a nice addition to the menu too. 6/10

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